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FAQ / Who are the Indigo and Crystal children?

Couple years ago I heard about Indigo and Crystal children without being that much interested in the subject until recently, I received messages from several mediums telling me that my daughter is a Crystal child. Since then, I have been searching for information as much as I can about the Indigo and Crystal children. I am going to share with you my research on this subject and my two cents about it

Let me start by saying that I truly believe that all children are precious and gifted. On the same note, this is my point of view on Indigo and Crystal children or whatever names are out there, stating that these children have special abilities. These children are not better than other children that don’t have these special abilities, such as mediums they are not in any circumstances better than others, just because they can hear and talk to spirits. So please do not get caught up with these labels.

As spiritualist we believe in reincarnation, being part of the 7 Principals of spiritualism. As souls, we have decided to incarnate or reincarnate to a specific life to live a unique journey in order to learn and grow ourselves for the higher and the best. Some souls called “old souls” incarnate or reincarnate with amazing gifts and abilities in order to assist the next evolution of human kind. Those are the souls that are called Indigo and Crystal Children. Indigo and Crystal Children are the most mainstream names/labels that I found on the web but there are many different names out there for them, such as Star, Diamond, Rainbow children to name a few, being classified depending of their abilities and ages. I am only going to focus on the Crystal and Indigo children in this article. From 0 to 7 years old they are called Crystal Children and from 7 years old to the 30’s they are called Indigo children. Both are very psychic and have been named after their Auras color. Crystal children are said to be a powerful source of love and peace on Earth where the Indigo generations will become leaders and create new technologies for mankind’s evolution. I also found that you can also become a Crystal and indigo adult by acquiring these abilities along the way.

What really stands out and spoke to me the most in my research were two major things:

First thing was that these “old souls” are here to play a major part in the process of human kind Ascension. This caught my attention . I could name countless of people like Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Sister Theresa that have brought much wisdom with them for the next step in human evolution.

The second thing that stands out in my research was how to identified an Indigo and Crystal child. They are described as often functioning poorly in conventional schools due to their rejection of authority, being smarter than their teachers, and a lack of response to guilt, fear or manipulation based in discipline. These characteristics definitely makes sense to me for someone that came on Earth to fight old systems that no longer serve us and want to make life changes for the greater. Once again people like Martin Luther King will be a great example. In addition, Crystal children are also known for being late speaker, starting about 3 to 4 years old to talk. It was explained that the Crystal children being so telepathic that they feel the spoken language is much slower than the mind. The sad part of these descriptions is some children and adult could have been misdiagnosed as autistic, psychiatric disorder and administrated drugs just because they didn’t fit the society and its norm. Being a medium, I can definitely relate as not fitting in the norm and fighting the system for changes. Looking back at History to the present, we have countless of examples where scientists, philosophers, doctors, searchers to name a few, have been laughed at, discriminated, abused and killed for the longest time.

I believe that we will find a cure for cancer, aids and so many other diseases. That human kind will move forward for the highest and the best. No matter what, it will be one of our children that will figure it out. So call then Indigo, Crystal or whatever name you want, they are our future.

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