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FAQ / What the ego means for spiritualist and how to control it?

Who is your worse enemy? Well, the answer of this question is YOU! To be more specific, it is your ego. This ego could be represented, as a little voice inside your head telling you that you can or cannot do something, it is possible or impossible to do things, judging someone or something by thinking that there is not another way than your way etc… Your ego is mainly responsible for slowing down your spiritual growth. I am going to explain you into more details how to control and fight your ego.

8 months ago I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter that has been nothing but the sunshine of my life. Along with being active in my spiritual community, my daughter has been helping me indirectly with my own ego by reminding me every single day what it was like to be a child. This innocence we have at birth slowly disappear with time and pretty much vanishes when we have responsibilities like bills to pay etc. At an early age, children are pretty much egoless, this is why they can see/hear spirits and parents think that their children are talking to their imaginary friends. But with time, some of us lose the ability to see/hear spirits. We forget that we were able to see them in the first place. This is likely due to our education, growing up where only scientific proof and rationality rule our world. A child will see spirits and talk to them; adults will see a spirit and think that it was just a fog, a shadow or a dream.

I believe that the movie Hook, remake of Peter Pan by Steven Spielberg sets a great example of what our ego is going through from birth to the adult stage but also teaches us great lessons on how to control and fight our ego. I recommend you to watch this movie if you haven’t done it yet, meanwhile you can check Wikipedia for a summary of the movie.

There are 2 parts of the movie that stands out for me and really explains how to fight your ego and control it:

-When Peter, played by Robin Williams is sitting at the dinner table with the lost Boys and the only thing that Peter can see is empty plates while the lost Boys saw the food and pretend eating the food,that Peter can’t see. One of the lost boys tells Peter that he has to believe that there is food in his plate. The picture attached to this article is when Peter finally believes that there is food on his plate and the food appearing in his spoon.

– Peter tries to fly but fails many times until he recalled his “”happy thought” from his past with his family and he finally learn how to fly.

Peter couldn’t see the food in his plate until he fought his ego that very likely told him that it is ridiculous to believe that there is food in an empty plate. But by ignoring his ego and believing that there was food on his plate he finally saw the food. Well, if you want to hear or see a spirit one day, you would have to let go and stop listening to your ego like Peter did. Here is a tip to fight your ego, if you think that you hear what could be a spirit but your ego tells you that it cannot be because you cannot see it, then tell yourself/ your ego that you believe in Oxygen but you cannot see it either.

Like Peter, recalling my happy thoughts from the past and the moments spending with my daughter empowered me to take over my ego and allowed me to let my imagination speak freely, be opened minded, hear and see things that I would have never been able to see before. Give it a try you will be surprised of the outcome.

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