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FAQ / What is Déjà vu?

At a very young age I experienced a lot of Déjà vu and was quite perplex about not knowing what it was all about. Was my mind playing tricks on me? Is it a precognition or prophecy? Back then, I had done some research and found scientific explanations of this phenomenon but it didn’t feel quite right with me. I am going to share with you what the scientific researches say about Déjà vu and what Déjà vu means according to spiritualists.

First of all Déjà vu is a French word meaning, “ already seen”.

Scientific research basically says that Déjà vu is a memory anomaly giving the impression that an experience is being recalled. Another theory suggests that one eye may record what is seen fractionally faster than the other creating the “strong recollection” sensation upon the same scene being viewed milliseconds later by the opposite eye.

At first I was ok with the scientific explanations, I even remembered my optometrist telling me that I have to wear glasses because one of my eye was a “lazy eye” and I was thinking about the above statement which made sense to me. It made  sense until my Déjà vu became more and more vivid involving sound and touch. That being said the theory suggested of having an eye recording faster than the other did not make sense anymore. So I read quite a few books and found some very interesting explanations that started to make sense to me:

The first explanation I read about was that, Déjà vu is the result of Past lives that emerged in your present life. The problem that I have with this explanation is that it is based on faith and you cannot prove it. I am the kind of guy that needs proof no matter how open-minded I am.  I was not satisfied with this explanation but I kept it in mind.

The second explanation I read was that Déjà vu is a precognition. So I did a test that I strongly recommend you to do. When you have a vivid dream  the first thing you should  do when you wake up is to write it down or/and tell someone your dream with all details that you have experienced.  This will help you to ensure that when the Déjà vu happens, you can confirm with yourself that you did not make it up, as suggested by scientists. I usually dream about my Déjà vu about a week before it happens so it is important to tell someone or to write it down so you don’t forget about it. Because your ego can easily tell you that you just made it up and the test will be useless. My test was conclusive. My vivid dreams happened for real, the same way I dreamt it.  I was so exited about it. But then I realized that my “precognitions” were not that meaningful. I guess I was expecting something more meaningful that  would’ve of shown me signs of something greater. Well, I realized afterwards if I am able to be aware of my Déjà vu this was a huge step forward. All Déjà vu are meaningful and you need to take the time to understand them.

Because at times I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I learned about all Déjà vu phenomenon, I investigated deeper about it and found additional explanations that caught my attention.  I read a book about Spiritual Chart; by definition it is a Chart/Soul plan that was created before you are born. The spiritual chart will involve challenges that will map out your spiritual journey for your own spiritual growth. The book stated that the Déjà vu phenomenon is simply a checkpoint in your spiritual journey for you to know that you are in the right path. That being said Déjà vu does not have to be meaningful.

If you haven’t got Déjà vu for a long time and may think that you never have experience one. It does not mean that you are not in the right path. You are exactly were you are supposed to be for the decisions you have taken. There are so many ways to be guided and reinsured, through spiritual readings for instance.

In conclusion I am satisfied with the checkpoint explanation and validation of my Déjà vu phenomenon.

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