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FAQ / What is Channeling?

Channeling is a New Age term used to describe an ancient practice.

In the movie Ghost, Whoopi Goldberg was giving a séance to one of her clients by contacting the spirit world. This is called Channeling. Ok, at this point of the movie she was pretending to talk to the spirit world. But for those who watched the movie, we know that she will later on communicate to Patrick Swayze who is a spirit in this movie. (If you haven’t watched the movie Ghost yet, what planet have you been living on? GO RENT IT!)

Basically a channeler is a Medium and channeling is when a spirit gets in contact with a medium by entering to his/her body in order to communicate messages or prophesies. This can be done via Tarot card, Ouija Board, crystal ball, meditation, trance, clairvoyance etc…

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