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FAQ / What is Astro travel?

I have experienced myself 3 Astro Travels also known as Astral Projection that I can clearly remember. I only acknowledged them after reading a book about it a few years ago. I am going to share with you my Astro Travel experiences and a method that will help you to experience one.

Let’s get started with the definition: Astro Travel, also known as Astral Projection, is the process in which the spirit, or etheric body, separates from the physical body to travel in a dimension called the astral plane. This can be done deliberately or it can happen spontaneously while a person sleeps. Travelers may find themselves in a world very similar to what they are used to or in an abstract world.

I am sure I had more than 3 Astro Travels, but at the time I assumed that they were just dreams. I remember my last Astro Travels like it was yesterday. They were so intense and real that when I woke up I was freaked out. The books I read about this subject explain in detail the sensations you will likely experience while reliving an Astro Travel. You can imagine how relived I was when I read about the same sensations that I had experienced.

The 3 Astro Travel experiences that I can remember happened spontaneously and happened to me during daytime naps when I was extremely tired. I was always alone when it happened and the room was dead quite. I noted about 4 major stages that I went through while I experienced my Astro Travel:

– Stage 1, I felt very heavy and a sensation of sinking into my bed adding a light sensation of drowsiness.

– Stage2, I felt the sensation of drowsiness to be very strong making me feel that my body was paralyzed.  I felt very uncomfortable, not in control and my heartbeat started rising.

– Stage 3, the sensation of heaviness switched in a second from heavy to extremely light. I really felt that my spirit was detaching from my physical body and I was floating few inches away from my physical body. I felt fear in that moment.
– Stage 4, my fears woke me up promptly and slowly I recovered, my heartbeat was stable again. I told myself at the time that it was a nightmare.

After reading a few books about Astro travel I realized that they are not nightmares, that the above sensations are totally normal and transitory until you can control them.  Once acknowledged and controlled, Astro travel will help you to meet your guides, love ones, develop your meduimship and much more. It was mentioned on these books that you could even visit (Astro Travel) people that are in the living no matter which country they live in. To prove it, they set up an experiment where 2 people that don’t know each other from 2 different countries are part of this experiment. One of the 2, had numerous Astro Travel experiences and claimed that he could do it.  All he asked for was a photo of this person to “visit” him via Astro travel.  At the end of this experiment the person that Astro travelled, explained in detail all the objects in the bedroom of the other person that lived in the opposite side of the world. Beside the spiritual explanation nobody has been able to prove it scientifically.

My ultimate goal is to stay as long as I can on stage 3 and control my fears caused by the uncomfortable sensations experienced during my Astro Travel. Below is a method that you may want try out to experience Astro Travel.

The Monroe Method of Astro Travel:

1-Find a quiet place for your astro travel, preferably a place in which you will not be disturbed. You may need something to keep your body warm, like a comforter.

2-Be sure that your clothing is comfortable. You may want to take off your glasses, if you wear them, and shoes.

3-Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down.

4-Relax. Mentally check your body for tense areas and consciously release the tension. Inhale and exhale slowly to help your body relax.

5-Try to reach a sleepy state, also called the hypnogogic state. One way to do this is to focus on an image, like a flickering candle flame. If other images begin to appear in your mind then you are in a hypnogogic state.

6-Take this state to a deeper level called “condition B.” Observe the space in front of your closed eyelids. You may suddenly see light patterns. When they disappear you are in condition B.

7-Deepen condition B to “condition C.” In condition C, you lose awareness of your body and any sensory stimulation.

8-Experience a state of vibrations. With a deeper experience of condition C, you will get to “condition D” in which your body begins to tingle then vibrate. This is a sign that you are ready to astro travel.

9-Practice releasing a part of your etheric body, like your hand. While focusing on leaving your body, lift your etheric hand towards a close object and push it through. Return your etheric hand to your physical hand.

10-Separate your etheric body from your physical body. You can try to “lift out” of your body by imagining yourself getting lighter, or you can “roll out,” as if rolling out of bed. When you find yourself out of your physical body, you can move around by just thinking about where you want to go.

11-Learn more about astro travel by reading “Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-Of-Body Experience” by Robert Bruce (see Resources below).

I recommend looking at breathing and meditation technique’s that will help you to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of practice and results vary depending on individuals.

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