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FAQ / What is a Ghost?

From Ancient Times to New age, ghosts have been a source of interest and often used as myth, in horror stories, for commercial use such as Halloween, plays and movies etc…

Before to go any further, I would like to clarify a few things:

-We are all spirits, however ghosts and loved ones that passed away do not have a body.

– The “Other Side” is our “Home”, where we all came from and we have a choice to come on Earth (or other planets) by reincarnation in a human body to learn, progress and grow our spirit. We can reincarnate on Earth (or other planets) as many times as needed in order to grow.

-As spirits we are all eternal, that being said when dead, we are in fact pretty much alive which explains why we can still communicate with our loved ones that passed away.

When an individual dies, his spirit detaches from his physical body and goes to the “Other Side” via a tunnel that bridges our two worlds. Spirits are attracted to the light from the tunnel that shows them the way to go to the Other Side. However, some spirits stay stuck between our two worlds and it could be for the following reasons:

-The individual who dies thinks that he or she is still alive and on that note, does not acknowledge the tunnel and the light. The movie “The Others” explained really well what happens when a spirit is in denial of his death and shows that ghosts live in different frequency between our two worlds. This frequency is so close to our earth plan this is why we can see and hear them so well most of the time. We think that they are haunting our home and they think that we are haunting theirs.

-Some spirits decided to stay a little bit longer between our two worlds to help their loved ones that are still alive. The movie “Ghost” is a great example as well to explain it.

– Some spirits refuse to go towards the light, as they are too afraid to be faced and judged by God; they are scared to go to Hell.

Now let me add some questions with answers that you might have after reading the above explanations:

Q-Can a ghost stay stuck forever between our two worlds?
A-No, ghosts don’t stay stuck forever between our two worlds, loved ones and spirit guides from the Other Side will help them with the transition. Also mediums can help ghosts to do the transition by communicating with them and telling them that it is time to go Home, to don’t be afraid and to go where the light is through the tunnel. The show Ghost whisperer is good example of this.

Q- How come some spirits don’t realized that they are dead?
A-To my understanding it happens when an individual had a tragic death or when they always believed that after death there is nothing.

Q- Does a spirit has to stay between our two worlds to help their loved ones?
A-No, they usually do it from the Other Side and they can also come back to visit us as well. But some spirits are not aware of it so they reject the light in the tunnel until they feel like they did what they could do to help. In addition, it is easier for a spirit that just passed away to communicate with their loved ones when this spirit is between our two worlds as he or she is still accustom to the frequency of the earth plan.

Q- After we die, are we going to be judged by God and possibly going to Hell?
A-Hell no :)! As spiritualist we strongly believe that there is no Hell but once we come back Home, we will see all the good and bad we have done during this life and past lives and grow from it. There are of course lost souls out there that decide to not love and believe in God, they are to my understanding floating between other lost souls like zombies. Angels and good spirits are working to get them back “Home” one day as God does not judge and loves every one.

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