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FAQ / What are Home Circles?

If you are seeking for mediumship and spiritual development, you definitely want to be involved with Home Circles. There are different types of Home Circles but they are all meant to develop your natural gifts through discipline and commitment.

There are two major types of Home Circles that I know of and that I have been participating for a couple of years:

Open/Public Home Circles and Private Home Circles. They are development groups of like-minded individuals taking place in a safe environment in order to share and learn skills toward psychic awareness and mediumship. Home Circles usually takes place at someone’s home, churches/sanctuaries or likewise environment that is used for safe and long-term meetings. If I don’t mistaken the Home Circles got its name from the “Ring of Chairs” set up in the room where individuals are sitting during the session. The Circle is a very powerful symbol and it could also explain where it got its origin from. Do not mistaken Home Circles with Workshops. In the Home Circle, psychic mediums will put to practice technics learnt from the workshops. Don’t get me wrong, you do a lot of practice in workshops but Home Circles are mainly about giving messages from the Other Side.

In order to have a successful and sustainable Home Circle sessions, some basic rules must be respected:

The Home Circle must always be located at the same place; same time and only one person must run the circle. If the Circle is at 7pm then the door should be closed at 7pm sharp. Nobody else should enter or interrupt the Home Circle session while in progress. In addition, the person who run the Circle need to insure that like-minded people are attending the Circle and kick out any individual bringing negativity to the Circle. The individual that runs the Home Circle must be a psychic-medium.

Believe or not, Spirits are busy on the Other Side working on their own spiritual development and by helping us out. This is the reason why a Home Circle should always start at the same time and the same day. By going to a Home Circle, you basically have an appointment with Spirits. The fact that a Home Circle must be always located at the same place is to allow Spirits and ourselves to build a strong energy in the room. This energy will facilitate the communication between our two worlds. It is like when you move to a new place, it takes a while before it becomes comfortable and feels like home.

Let me share with you the differences between those two types of Home Circles.

Open/Public Home Circles:

Open Circles are suitable for individuals of all abilities. I have seen up to 30 people participating to an Open Home Circle at once. Technically, you can have as many people as you want as long as there are enough psychic –mediums to take care of the individuals attending the session. What I mean by taking care is one psychic –medium would have a hard time giving messages to that many people. The psychic medium hosting the Circle will likely invite other psychic mediums to help out. I love Open Home Circles because, for me it is a great opportunity to test my gifts and extend my mediumship by giving messages to individuals I have never met before. However the down side of Open Circle is that there are always new people which make it hard sometimes to build a strong energy to give messages.

Private Home Circles:

A Private Home Circle is restricted to specific individuals chosen by the person who runs the Home Circle. This type of Circles is usually about 10 members max. What I love about this type of Circle is that the energy built is very strong which will create more paranormal phenomena and a stronger psychic development than the Open Home Circle. However, this type of Circle will only work with committed and disciplined individuals. Not easy to come everyday at the same time, same day, same place for years! That’s why most of the Home Circles don’t last very long with the same individuals or don’t have more than 10 people. Those who do last for years are the strongest one for spiritual development.

Needless to say that if you can, I am recommending you to be involved in both, Open and Private Home Circles.

If you have never been in a Home Circle before, let me give you a piece of advice. There is no point what so ever to compare yourself with another member of your Circle. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and we have all a different journey to live. So just remember that EVERY BODY IS EQUAL!

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