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FAQ / The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

Spiritualism is known as a science, a philosophy and a religion however, spiritualists do not follow any dogma but do believe in the 7 principles of Spiritualism. I am going to share with you the origin of theses 7 principles and their meanings.

Most of the Spiritualist churches repeat the Seven Principles of Spiritualism as part of their service. It is important to not just repeat mindlessly these principles, but to understand the origin of these principles and their meanings.

These Principles were originally communicated through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten (see above picture) in 1871. The communicating spirit was Robert Owen who died in 1858. The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), one of the largest Spiritualist organizations in the world, amended these principles in 1901. Bellow both versions of theses principles of spiritualism.

Original Form by Hardinge Britten/ Robert Owen in 1858:

1-The Fatherhood of God
2-The Brotherhood of Man
3-The Immortality of the Soul and its Personal Characteristics
4- The proven facts of Communion between departed Human Spirits and mortals
5- Personal Responsibility with compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done here
6- A path of Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul that wills to tread it by the path of Eternal Good

Amended Form by SNU in 1901 use today in must Spiritualist Churches as part of their service:

1-The Fatherhood of God
2- The Brotherhood of Man
3- Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
4- The continuous existence of the human Soul
5- Personal Responsibility
6- Compensation and retribution hereafter for all good and evil deeds done on earth
7- Eternal progress open to every Soul

As you can see #5&6 are #5 in the original form.

I think it will be fair to ask ourselves if these principles are still relevant today. Let me answer this question by sharing with you the meaning of these principles, at least the way I personally understand and interpret them.

1-The Fatherhood of God: God is our creator, on that note, a Father to all. It’s pretty straightforward.

2-The Brotherhood of Man: God is synonymous with spirit and since God is our Father, it only makes sense that we are all Spirits. That being said, we share all the same origin no matter where you live, black or white, Jewish or Muslim, gay or not etc…For instance it also means that when we help another, we help ourselves. When we harm another, we harm ourselves.

3-Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels: As explained in #2 we are all Spirits. Basically the communion of Spirits is the communication and work made from Sprit in earth and Spirit from the Spirit world that we call the “Other Side or Home ”. Examples of communications with Spirits are spiritual readings and proof of survival. Examples of work by Spirits are all the teaching we received from the “Other Side” such as the 7 principles, that we are eternal etc… The Ministry of Angels represents all types of Angles who are higher souls. The communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels represents the communication and work made from Spirits on Earth or the “Other Side” with Angels. For example if I will feel threaten from a certain situation in Earth, I will call my guardian Angels to protect me.

4-The continuous existence of the human Soul: For decades mediums have been providing proof of survival by communicating with those who died which means that they proved us that we are eternal. To clarify, we are all spirits and our soul defines who we are which make us unique. That being said, not only we are eternal but our experiences and feelings too.

5-Personal Responsibility: It means that each one of us has free will of our own actions. No excuses or no one else to blame for our actions than ourselves. We are the only one responsible of our actions and their outcomes (good or bad).

6-Compensation and retribution hereafter for all good and evil deeds done on earth: I invite you to read first my article about the Law of Karma that will help you to understand the 6th principle. In short: Along with #4 explaining that we are eternal and #5 explaining that we are all responsible of our own actions; #6 means that for every good or bad we have accumulated in our present and past lives, these goods and bads will be reattributed toward or next incarnations. In no means, it has to be interpreted that we will go to heaven if we are good or Hell if not. As spiritualist we do not believe in Hell and as #2 explains, we are all children of God and God does not judge and loves all of us.

7-Eternal progress open to every Soul: Along with #4 explaining that we are eternal, #7 is implying that our spiritual growth is limitless and eternal. The progress of our Soul is the result of our experiences gained in our lives that further our spirit growth. It also means that all Spirits, even the one that are in a dark path, are subject to progress toward the higher and the best as God once again loves all his/her (God does not have a gender to my knowledge) children, does not judge and wishes that all of his/her children find wisdom in their experiences to keep them or bring them back to the right path.

My understanding and interpretation of the 7 principles makes so much sense and sounds quite relevant to me. What about you?

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