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FAQ / Spiritual Healing Part 1

There is so much to say about Spiritual Healing that it is simply impossible to cover it all in one article. I am going to introduce you to Spiritual Healing, its origins and explain how it works.


Before I start on Spiritual Healing, I think it is important to remember that Spiritualists are also Scientists. That being said, Spiritualists don’t just believe in any phenomena by faith but want proof of it. For years, the most well known Scientists of the world along with mediums have been working together in order to understand and validate phenomena. I have listed below few things that have been proved, validated by Scientists and also listed what Spiritualists believe even if it hasn’t been proven in the first place:

– Even if not all the Scientists understand or agree on how we communicate (such as Clairvoyance, clairaudience etc…) with our loved ones that passed away, they did prove and validate that we can communicate with dead people. In conclusion they proved that we are all eternal, including animals.
– Since our corpse is not eternal but we are, Scientists along with mediumship and religions studies agree that we are all Spirits with a Soul (Find more about Spirit and Soul in this article: The Seven Principles of Spiritualism). Scientists have a hard time to determine what our Spirit is made of. Some agree that Spirit is energy and as far as I know, nobody has yet proven that energy can be destroyed; it make sense to me to say that our spirit is made of energy since we are eternal. However others Scientists just don’t want to agree to it, as it has not been proven yet. I guess this is when faith comes into place. As Spiritualist we believe that our father God is energy so we are energy and the entire universe is energy as well since God created it.
– As Spiritualist, we also believe that we have been infused with knowledge from the “Other Side” (More details about the “Other Side” in this article: What is a Ghost) before and while being on the Earth plane; people are given the knowledge to inventions, cures, and medicine etc…
– I strongly recommend you to read the 7 Chakras article that I have made prior to read what’s next. Chakras have a major part in Spiritual Healing.


From ancient cultures to modern times, Spiritual Healing has always been part of human kind’s life. That being said, Spiritual Healing is not associated with any particular religion. Healing is for everyone in the world (including animals) regardless of their beliefs, cultures etc… History gave us proof of Spiritual Healing back from the ancient Egypt and ancient Greece (around 400 B.C.). I am quite sure that Spiritual Healing was practice way before that time but it is very hard to trace back to it since no records of this was kept in writing. In ancient times, death, illness and disease were feared and medicine, religion and magic were the only resources. Some medical practices and medicines used in ancient times are still in use today. That being said and along with our spiritual belief that scientists, and Doctors have been infused with this knowledge of medicine for years, it is important to understand the following:

The sessions and services offered toward spiritual healing are not intended to replace services such as medical, psychological, or counseling from a licensed Physician, Psychiatrist, or Counselor, and are not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological, or counseling treatment or therapy.

Spiritual Healing:

The main thing to understand about Spiritual Healing is that the healer is in fact an instrument of our Divine. What it means is that Angels and Spirit healers from the “Other Side” will use the healer from this Earth plan to vehicle healing energy through his/her body toward the patient. Such as a medium, the healer is in fact an intermediate between our two worlds. So it is not uncommon to have Spiritual Healers that are not calling themselves healers as they acknowledge that they are the instruments of our Divine and that Angles and Spirit Healers are the one that heal. To my understanding this healing energy is mainly taken from the universe that was made by our Divine.

There are several healing technics such as Reiki and ethics to follow while performing Spiritual Healing but it will be covered in another part of this subject. On that note, I am only going to share with you the basic healing technic that everyone can do and that is also offered to pretty much all the Spiritual Churches I know of:

-In order to perform Spiritual Healing, the healer will ground him/her self by meditating for a couple of minutes prior to start the healing.
– Once grounded the healer will pray to his angels, and spirit healers and ask to be allowed the power of the divine to heal through him or her.
– When ready, the healer will perform the healing by going over the 7 Charkas of the patient by having his/her hands few inches over the patient’s Chakras without touching him/her.
– When the Spiritual Healing is completed, the healer will thank his/her Angels and Spirit Healers and ask them to keep healing the patient until he or she receives healing again.

Usually the healer spends about 5 minutes by patient.

In addition, it is not recommended that a healer use’s his own energy to heal a patient. A Healer could get sick by using his/her own energy. To avoid this, healers must acknowledge that he/she is an instrument of our Divine to vehicle the healing energy from the source of the universe and not his/her own energy. The great thing about Spiritual Healing is you are not only helping others but you also receive healing for yourself while performing Spiritual Healing; since the healing energy gets through you. The other benefits you will receive by practicing Spiritual Healing is to develop your mediumship as you are channeling with the “Other Side” while healing. By developing your mediumship, some healers can also see aura colors in correlation with our Charkas that are associated to a specific illness, emotions or mood. Aura colors will be treated along with Spiritual Healing technic in a different part of this subject.

Absent Healing:

First of all, Absent Healing is effective as contact healing. Since the patients are not physically present with you, the Absent Healing consists of a prayer asking your Angles and Spirit Healers to send healing energy to the people or animals that need healing regardless their distance.


Simply perform the same healing technic describe above to yourself.

If you are looking to get Spiritual Healing, check our Links page where you will find most of the Spiritual Churches in Canada that offer Spiritual Healing for free as part of their service. Some of these Spiritual Churches also propose Healing workshops that I strongly recommend you to take in order to learn the ethics and understanding of Spiritual Healing.

I hope that this introduction to Spiritual Healing has given you some enlightenment in the subject and you will give it a try.

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