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FAQ / Hypnosis Part 1

First time I heard about hypnosis, was in spy movies where the bad guys used hypnosis to steal or kill. I did not have a clear understanding of hypnosis I thought it was something that was to control the minds of people, but through my learning of my mediumship, hypnosis was nothing like what the movies portrayed it to be. I have been learning how powerful and limitless hypnosis is. My good friend Dr. Julien Meagher who is a certified hypnotherapist, gave me my first hypnotherapy session a couple weeks ago that I am going to share with you after the break.

I can tell you right away that my first hypnotherapy session went very well and exceeded by far my expectations. I found a lot of similarity on how a reading and a hypnotherapy session takes place. These similarities made me very comfortable, relaxed and I gave me the trust in my first session. For instance, I wrote an article “Suggestions for receiving a reading” explaining that psychic-mediums are not here to tell you what you want to hear, we are here to guide you and not magically make your problems in your life disappear, if you are already telling yourself that it is not going to work, then no matter how hard we are trying to give you a reading, it will go nowhere since you already decided that it wouldn’t work. As I do every single time prior to giving a reading, Dr. Julien Meagher read me a disclaimer prior to the session in order to ensure my understanding about how he works, the expectations of his work and potential results/outcomes of the sessions. His disclaimer was very similar to my article. Dr. Julien Meagher also clarified that the type of shows that we have seen on TV, pretending that a person can be controlled by hypnosis through a swinging watch, is absolutely fake. For a hypnotherapist, it is as insulting as saying that psychic-mediums are fortunetellers.

This is what hypnotherapy sessions can help you with:
Remove any phobia, losing weight, manage your temper, stammering, nail biting, depressions, insomnia , fear of public speaking, past life regression etc… There is much more than the above listed but this is just an introduction to hypnosis.

As you may know already, spiritualist believes in reincarnation. Reincarnation is one of the Seven Principals of Spiritualism. I always wondered how many lives I’ve have had before, who I was and the correlation between these lives. So I decided that my first hypnotherapy session would be about my past lives. In hypnotherapy it’s called past lives regression. There is so much to say about past life regression and reincarnation that I will dedicate an entire article about it in the near future.

As I never had a hypnotherapy session before, Dr. Julien Meagher gave me short exercises, about 5 minutes long , to get me ready for the session. To give you an idea, one of the exercises was to stand up and raise my arm straight, perpendicular to my body, put my hand face up and making sure that my arms are at the same level. Then he asked me to close my eyes and imagine that he was adding books on my right hand, one at the time. Then he asked me to open my eyes, for me to see that my left hand was still perpendicular to my body while my right hand was lower than my left hand. These types of exercises are meant to see how your mind responds to hypnosis. These exercises were followed by a short meditation, as I usually do prior to a reading. Once relaxed, Dr. Julien Meagher started to play some relaxing music in the background and assured me that I will be in control at all times. We established an easy Yes or No finger signal to communicate with each other while the session was in progress, avoiding me to speak or open my eyes while being in trans (Trans is a deep stage of meditation). Dr. Julien Meagher guided me to what sounded like a basic meditation (going down the stairs, opening doors etc…) but quickly guided me with what I would like to call targeted questions. Every single time he asked me a question like, what do you see on your left, on my right, what is the name of this person, what are they doing etc…? The questions seem flawless. When I looked, I suddenly saw appearing landscapes, people and scenes. Meanwhile Dr. Julien Meagher was taking notes of my answers in order to go over it at the end of the session with me.

I had the chance to experience two past lives regression during this session and I have to tell you this blew my mind. The correlation of these lives had so much meaning for me and made so much sense to me to understand why I am where I am now.

The key of a successful hypnotherapy session is pretty much the same recipe than going to a reading session: Be open-minded, read as much as you can about it, as knowledge is power and you will be able to recognize a real hypnotherapist from crooks. Word of month is pretty much the safest way to bank your cash on a good hypnotherapist and needless to say that I recommend Dr. Julien Meagher if you live in London Ontario area.

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