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FAQ / How to add a Gravatar profile pic to your comments?

Note that the Gravatar you will create along with your email address will  display on your Blog and Forums comments. is using the cross-site Gravatar system in our comments and though it does take a few steps to set up, they’re simple and painless 🙂

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized AVATar and it basically associates a profile picture with your email address and then any time you post a comment on a supporting site, it automagically adds your Gravatar.

If you’ve already got a Gravatar, just make sure to use the email address associated with your Gravatar account when you post a comment. If you don’t yet have a Gravatar, here’s how to get one:

Create a new account:

– Go to
– Click on Get your Gavatar today, middle right

– Click on sign up for free (link above the Email or Username field)

– Enter your Email Address and click the Signup button

– Check your email for a confirmation message
– Click the link in the confirmation message

Choose your username and profile pic:

Here is what you have to do once your email account has been confirmed.

– Choose a username. If the one you like is already taken, try a variation.
– Pick a password. (Don’t make it something simple, or the same as your username.
– Confirm your password and click Signup.

– When it complains you don’t have an image yet, click on the Add one by clicking here link.

– Choose where you want to get your image from, your computer, an internet link, your webcam, or a previous upload.

– Crop the picture to suit your tastes and click Done.
– Choose a rating for your Gravatar (note, only accepts G rated Gravatars as we’re a family friendly site!).

– You are Done 🙂

Bonus tip: Add additional email addresses

If you use more than one email address, you can click the Add an email address link, enter another email address, and confirm it. That way all your comments get associated with your Gravatar.

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