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Those Days When You Feel It…That Connection


To feel connected to Spirit, to The Universe, is something unmistakable, something special and on certain days, the power of it is tangible…your skin is electrified, your mind, somehow not quite connected to your body but to something, somewhere larger, drifts into connections with others seamlessly and inspiration runs rampant between you.

Those days when you feel it, that connection, are to be cherished and to be recalled during those times when things feel too much to handle, too far lost. For our journey will always have its ups and downs; to run a flat path with no obstacles to traverse does our soul’s growth a disservice. You’ve heard it before, to know light one must experience dark, to appreciate joy one must suffer sadness.

Sometimes it’s the energy pull of the planets, the Super moon, the numerology or simply the memories associated with a day or date from the past that sets you on a path into a stronger connection without even trying, without specific intent. No meditation required.

However you find yourself experiencing one of those special times, embrace it…run with it and then come back to earth, ground yourself and make note of what you have learned. It is a gift.
Treasure it and put it in a special place to call upon should you need reminding that you are indeed a child of The Universe, that you are imbued with Spirit, that you are not alone.

there are days
when the air is ripe
with the magic of
The Universe’s wonder,
the energies electric,
the connections strong,
the blending of souls

Remember, that this love you will feel from this connection needs be treated with utmost respect, with honour, for it comes from somewhere beyond this earthly body of ours, it is ancient, etherial, everlasting…it is not to be received for us alone, for it is also ours to give away; it is a gift for ourselves, it is a gift we can give each other…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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