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The Big Clean…


Springtime is upon us…a time to clear the dust, open the windows and let the sunshine of the lengthening days shine in. Tradition states that spring cleaning need commence!

In previous postings I have talked of spring cleaning (The Renewal Of Spring & Unearthing The Dust) but reminders are always needed so once again I’d like to address spring cleaning; the spring cleaning of your being…for the place that you live in is more than the four walls that surround you and keep you safe from the outside elements. A favourite quote reminds me of this fact; “You don’t have a Soul…You ARE a Soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis.” To keep this “house” of ours healthy we need to purge what no longer serves it, what has made it stagnant.

There are many ways in which to spring clean your physical body but what I’d like to address comes from the metaphysical point of view. One of my favourite ways to clean my “being” is to take a psychic shower…yes, I also look forward to my morning shower that warms my muscles, making them limber for my day ahead, but psychic showers clean away the debris of energies that have attached themselves to my aura. We can’t help but attract and hold onto the energies of the world around us and these energies need to be removed regularly.

So, how does one perform such a ritual? Easy… simply stop and envision…

My showers are varied depending upon how clogged I am feeling. Some are performed via large buckets of water poured over my head, the waters rushing down my body to the ground at my feet…others are gentle rain showers that tickle as the droplets slowly run down my legs to slowly drip away. Outdoors or in, hot or cold, the experience is yours to create. Stay under the cleansing water for as long as you need or dunk yourself as often as required but do enjoy the after-affect of feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Imagine this…a beautiful sunny and warm summer’s day, standing under the shelter of an old oak tree, you reach up and pull the cord hanging above you and it starts, that flow of water that will encompass your body and purge away the “dirt.” The ground will absorb and transmute these negative energies for you; they are no longer yours to carry around. Smile as you feel lightened and ready to move forward once again. Do this anytime of day or night.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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