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Merging Into A Spiritual Life…


How does one merge a blooming spiritual life into the everyday and keep some semblance of balance and perspective…?

I laughed at myself as I wrote that question, one that I’ve been asked in various forms. For I am one who dives in head first, gives 150% etc. etc.; then, as my curiosity slowly becomes satiated, a balance is gently come to. Many of us, when we find that which we are seeking, come to the table as starved guests, wishing to be polite but can’t help but dig into the feast presented to our hungry eyes, our starved souls.

Where to start, what to select, how much, how often…? All questions that surface for our consideration, for our discernment. *Discernment, I’ve written of this before, being one of the cornerstones to any new building of ways of being, of establishing one’s truths. It is like falling in love when you awaken your spirituality. Feelings of elation, of place, of love wash over you and the rose-coloured glasses sit waiting to be donned. Once reached for, once covering your eyes, discernment gets put to the side and that is when your balance is lost.

Enjoy those early days and resurgence of them along your journey, for there will be many times when you feel you are on a rollercoaster ride. But always remember to embrace the days when life levels off, when things just coast along, for those are the days in which you will become the new you that you can live with, day after day; the you that begins to form truths that will continue to light your path.

New people will come and go, old friends might leave. When we change we challenge not only ourselves but those around us, for they have become used to who we are, or were… Not everyone will embrace these changes; one of the earliest pieces of advice that I learned in my readings. You must embark on your spiritual journey with full understanding of the impact it will have and make a conscious choice to stick with it or not, for you will find that your learning and experiences will never end once you open your eyes, your internal eyes, to the world of spirit…I hope that you will indeed enjoy the ride!

When we open up to our higher-self’s guidance we find that the world we have known no longer suits our needs, for we have changed – that can be an unsettling experience. But to grow risks change and that, my friend, can be a wondrous thing…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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