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Ever Returning…A Spiritual Journey


I am one who believes in reincarnation, for I believe that we are a soul inhabiting a human body in order that we may continually grow our souls; to experience life in the physical form with all its joy, sadness, pain and the myriad of other emotions that come with the territory. To do that fully, I feel that we make the choice to be re-birthed into this earthly existence. Each time we return, we are subject to the circumstances of this birth and of our choices, all of which lend themselves to a huge variety of interpretations and conclusions. So, it makes me wonder, when will it ever be enough?

Will I ever be complete…?

how many
how many
how much
how much

can it ever
be enough…

that is why
I keep
coming back

that is why
my thirst
is never quenched

that is why
my hunger

that is why
my eyes
always seek

that is why
my soul
is never replete


Just a little something different to start off this New Year…

I also wish to take a moment to thank i-Spirit for allowing me to voice my thoughts and share my spiritual journey over these past 5 years, it has truly been an honour. January is my anniversary month and marking these yearly milestones always takes me back to the moment when I was asked, “Would I consider becoming a co-writer for i-Spirit?” That deep breath and saying “Yes” will always remain as one of the pivotal and instrumental moments of “this time round…”



About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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  1. Such a blessing to have you writing for i-spirit but must importantly to have you as a friend. Happy 5th anniversary Maureen- XOXOXOXOXOX!!!

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