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Change, Yet Once Again…


Changed again, or maybe not… As the year comes to a close and New Year’s Resolutions come back to haunt us or maybe, to inspire us for the upcoming year, we can’t help but pause a moment or two to look back and to look ahead. It’s what happens this time of year.

We gather with family, or not.
We celebrate the season, or not.
We find peace and joy, or not.

One thing for certain is that we approach holiday seasons in our own unique way. Traditions or breaking with them, always present themselves and for many of us, this time of year is one of the most trying of times. And, it is in times such as these that we turn inwards and re-address our faith, our spirituality and our beliefs.

It is a good time, when the nights are long, to settle into a warm blanket and come to embrace ourselves, to love ourselves just that little bit harder. A time when we turn to what gives us solace…music, books, people, food….

This past year, for me, has seen much changed and I have chosen to break with tradition this Christmas season. Trying new adventures and honouring my needs has been the theme this past year, a theme that in the following years I intend to continue embracing. Long sought peace has settled in using the tools presented to me on my spiritual journey. Some tools have recently gathered a bit of dust while others have stayed shiny and well used. That is the way of all journeys…seeking out what is important along each step, staying flexible, but most importantly, in my mind, not getting tied into the must haves that others might wish to force upon us, well-intentioned or not.

Always seeking, always growing, always questioning, always resting, always moving…the ways of the soul on this earth plane.

May you find your way enlightened by the stars within your world, be they people, words or actions; be they sought out or serendipitous.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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