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Moving On…


Fall is now upon us and this season of change will soon wipe ways those memories of the hot and steamy summer days that we lazed and sometimes struggled under. The cool, crisp mornings now stir our blood into action and thoughts will soon turn to winter preparations.

As always, seasonal changes also prompt us into the required housecleaning chores, those both physical and mental. Discarding what no longer serves a useful purpose becomes more important as each season progresses in our lives; as we find ourselves changing too. Stagnation and complacency serve no useful purpose and to me, are simply the tools of fear.

Many times in the past I have posted blogs on the importance of change in our spiritual journey, for it is in overcoming our hesitancy about change that we make our greatest strides. Not all of our steps will lead us into peace but they will lead us forward. To believe that our journey should only hold the happy times is to be naive about our time here on the earth plane. Trusting in the knowledge that our soul growth will encounter bumps and sometimes canyons along the way will ease us into the challenges of change; will assist us in the choices to be made.

Sometimes change will initiate complications to our lives and at other times, simplification. An analogy of the ocean and its waves comes to mind as I write, for there are times the waves come crashing to the shore while there are also times when a gentle lapping is all that transpires. Ebb and flow, a process built into nature’s way.

Easing up on our relentless battle for perfection, peace, answers and the like will allow pause for rest and contemplation; will allow for the assimilation of lessons past. With the shortening of the days, allow for more evenings of simplicity if you are able. Evenings in which to expand upon your knowledge, to form new truths and to regain your footing. Embrace this current season of change into your life…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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