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Inner Strength


Where do you garner your inner strength from? Many look to their God, their faith, others to words of inspiration and again others to people they admire. So many sources to call upon yet how many of you dare to look within?

I believe that we came to this earth plane with all the tools of the trade to be human. And there are many tools for us to call upon for it is a difficult task to be human, to be fully human. For we are continually challenged to choose direction, action and whether to grow or to stagnate. One of our greatest tools to help us on this journey is our inner strength.

Too many times the challenges we are faced with wear away at this strength and we feel that we may never again attain it. If we allow time and faith to heal our wounds we will indeed find that along the way our strength has been rebuilding itself in preparation for our next steps.

How can we consciously rebuild? Meditation, reading, exercise, socializing, volunteering and so many other ways in which we can expand and redirect our angst and at the same time, rebuild.

For me, much of my strength comes forth through my writing and my walking. Both venues allow for time to think, to purge, to plan and to act. In writing, my thoughts journey down many pathways as my fingers type words which manage to find form and function. Walking outdoors allows for fresh air, exercise, meditation and socialization. Both these forms of strength training cost me nothing financially but are priceless in their rewards.

It is my hope that when you feel you are depleted of strength that you start with the simple things and move forward from there. Soon you will be able to look back and realize that you have indeed found your way again, pulling on your own inner conviction and strengths.



About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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