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Soul Age….


Many of us have heard of the “ages” of souls, old soul, young soul… Many calculate their soul age using numerology while other’s seem to instinctively know theirs, especially those older souls. But I’ve begun to wonder, if not similar to astrology, that our soul age is the “age” that we have chosen to return as being.

There is the school of thought that we indeed choose all the circumstances of our return to an earthly body in order to experience life and to learn certain lessons. Factors such as the influences of specific planetary alignments and the influences of numerology add “nature” into “nurture,” the influence of our upbringing, Those, along with all the other factors that can be brought into the equation greatly influence how we react to circumstances; how we view things. So, I’ve begun to ponder, why not add into this mix our soul age?

I tend to think that we all might just be “old souls” and that we do indeed also choose which soul age to return as and therefore add that extra element to our reincarnation, providing us with yet another point of view with which to experience each encounter. For each soul age will understand life differently, just as a child will see and understand the world very differently to an adult and an adult to a senior.

There is much we can study, much we can take on as our truths, yet truly, until we return to the Spirit Realm, we can never be totally assured that our belief and understanding is “what is…”

Just some food for thought, for without challenging our thinking, our truths, we cannot continue to grow and to flourish as souls having a human experience.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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