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Each New Year brings more to me than resolutions and champagne (well, not really but it sounds nice, the champagne, that is!) for each January brings about my anniversary writing for i-Spirit. This year see four years past and a start into my fifth. This posting marks my 88th contribution!

Never would I have expected to be announcing such an event. When asked, in December of 2011, if I would like to share my story, my feelings, regarding things spiritual, I was aching to find a way to do so and just had no idea how to got about it, but Spirit is wise and puts people in our path with supreme Divine Timing.

I had just given a talk regarding my journey (Spiritualism, My Journey Begins) and it resonated well with the intent of i-Spirt and lo and behold, my writing began and has blossomed in ways never imagined. January 12th is my anniversary date and has proved to be significant in so many ways (It Was No Coincidence) so each year I give a nod to my dad and to my reflection in the mirror.

This New Year of 2016 will be no different but it will be seasoned with the spice of growth and expansion not seen since that first year of delving into my soul, of finding myself and of breaking away from my past. The year 2015 was indeed a pivotal year for me and I am most grateful.

Once again, I say thank-you to Spirit, to i-Spirit and to our followers for their support and love. May the year 2106 see your world filled with that which nurtures your soul, your spirituality.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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