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Where do you get your strength from? Do institutions or outside sources come to your mind? Is it other people? Is it from within?

We all have times when we struggle with life and we need to know where to go to seek solace and gather our strength. Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are readying ourselves to enter the winter season and will be soon enough facing the dreaded month of February, a traditional time when the culmination of short winter days, with their lack of sunshine, cause depression and feeling of despair to peak.

Fall is a time to look within, to gather resources to see ourselves through the season of cold beyond the physical stash of supplies; we need to also look into our emotional and spiritual needs. This is a good time to search out reading materials, movies, songs with which to nourish our souls on dark winter nights. It is a good time to discover new hobbies and distractions. It is a time to seek quiet introspection. It is a time to be proactive.

This is a time when, for me, my team of guides and angels are called upon to rally closer, to work with me to find closure to the questions that still lay unanswered from the current year, a time to gear up to the beginning of a new year, to enter it with a clean slate, with enhanced strength.

I’ve talked each year, of the importance of making our way through this most difficult, for some, of seasons (Make Your Own Sunshine) and for those that celebrate the coming of winter and its crips days, snow and sports, I commend you! Our Fall time change is soon to be upon us, may we all embrace this year’s change with our own inner sun, our own inner strength.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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