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Something a little different this time…Just a reminder about the balance we need to maintain in our lives…to pull on our physical strength and to call upon our spiritual strength, for therein lies the way to see us through the trials and tribulations of our human journey. Call upon your experiences and lessons learned, call upon your guidance via your intuition and your spiritual guides and angels. You are not walking this journey alone…

A Poem…

and the moon asked the sun

why do you shine so bright
and blind their eyes to what
is right, when I light their way
so gently through the shadows
of their long dark nights?

and the sun told the moon

I only blind who will not see,
my light burns through to
reality, past illusions of
human fears and tears, my
way is bold and searing
hot, for my way holds the
ancient path of man’s
mighty strength in battles

and the moon understood and
then her truth she did reveal

for my way seeps into places
dark, where instincts honed
do help depart those same
dread fears, for my way holds
the ancient path of woman’s
inner sight and from there is
gleaned the mightiest of might…

no battle brew, between these two,
for both sides point of view is true,
with balanced strength our wars
are won…

and then the stars asked of them both
then what of us, our task in this?

and both the sun and moon replied

without your twinkling in the night,
those lights to wish upon, mankind
would have no place to hope and
place their dreams upon!

so with strength and wisdom to
save our day and glimmers of light
to dream our way, we have the best
of all to pave our way… ~mlancaster



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About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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