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We have a mouth, we have a voice but we also have our inhibitions, our perceptions and so many other hangups when we choose to communicate. It is hard enough being human, to try and enunciate our thoughts into something another can understand. Too often we either don’t say anything or we try and work around what we really mean for a myriad of reasons… Communication is an art form. One that can make or break relationships, jobs and even self-talk.

Communication with our guides, angels and those in the Spirit Realm takes on a whole new perspective and for those who practice mediumship or psychic connection understand this all too well. For we each develop our own methods, signals and interpretations of the messages that we receive. Some are most fortunate to actually hear clear language so there is no need to interpret…just play “telephone” and relay the message! For others, time-developed methods of visuals, smells, touch and other forms of communication are practiced which can easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted unless great care is taken.

I’ve written of how long it took me to understand one of my forms of mediumship, that of my art, and how, over time more and more of the story would evolve. Direct mediumship is so much easier!

Those hungry to learn, hungry to communicate, need to search out responsible teachers, mentors and learning tools and also need to learn to practice the challenging skill of patience… To be able to be in touch, in communication, with our helpers and our passed loved ones is a special gift, whether communicated directly or via a third-party.

Again, a note, a reminder about another key component to any communication, but most especially communication with departed souls….discernment. Know what feels right to you. Try your best to not accept any message at face value without applying discernment …in other words, chew it over, digest it and if it sits well in your gut, be thankful for their words.

‘To see the look of amazement, the smile of recognition, or the tears of remembrance come through the connection to a loved one who has passed from this world is, as they say ”priceless.” This to me is the true “gift” of mediumship….the gift of reconnection to those who have never really left us at all……” ~mlancaster



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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