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Ants in my….!


The other morning I was greeted at my backdoor by a swarming of ants blocking my way to the outside, so dense were they. The human reactions included the standard foray into curse words, distress, methods of extermination and disposal. The day was then spent awaiting the return visits from those still left inside their secretive home. Just when the battles seemed won, more would literally pour out to make stand.

So, as I try most often to do, I chose to address this matter from another perspective. One that asked the question “why,” beyond the standard reasons, that this invasion and in particular it’s placement was occurring; one that looked into the metaphysical reasonings surrounding this tenacious little creature.

From a symbolic perspective, ants encompass messages of strength, loyalty, teamwork and basic trust. And of the queen, sacrifice. They are communal critters, which was demonstrated so clearly as I would try to kill off individual escapees and a whole army would come out for the counter offensive and to retrieve their lost companions. Lastly, though, they represent creativity.

So I chose to thank those little critters, for once again, I was brought to thought and that I so embrace. Their timely appearance could be related to the new community of writers that I have been welcomed within, of the pulling together of this new extended family, of their and my creative energies being prolifically exposed and acknowledged each day. I kind of like that…

Now, as to their placement, blocking my way outdoors…interesting thoughts came to mind. Of course, being blocked from going out harkened to staying inside and writing but that just would seem to counterproductive to messages from the Spirit Realm. So, turning things around, it would seem that my support system and kindred spirits are indeed “out there,” beyond the confines of my kitchen table where my computer resides and where my creativity abounds. Been sitting inside way too much…must venture forth. 🙂

I’ve written of animals from a metaphysical standpoint (Animal Spirit Guides) and it is always an interesting exercise to ponder their appearances. Messages come to us in so many guises to challenge our openness and receptivity. Keep your eyes and soul open…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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