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When We Come Back….


There are many who do not believe in reincarnation however, I am not one. I know I have returned time and again over the centuries, maybe millennium. I also believe that I’ve not only returned in human form. But it is the return trips in human form that I find so interesting. When I first studied things metaphysical too much was beyond my desire to comprehend, and I say desire, because to say ability would be incorrect. My belief is that we are all capable of things, it’s just a matter of timing and desire as to when/if things occur to enhance our truths.

Looking at a recent quote regarding what various astrological signs “crave the most,” I was reminded of the time I was first introduced to the concept of our choosing the circumstance surrounding our earthy incarnation, each time round. To accept that we might have chosen not only to return, but the whens, the hows, the names, the environments, was foreign to me and something I put aside for over twenty years. But now, my comprehension has expanded to include “why not!”

This quote, regarding what the signs crave most, hit home better than previous ones I’d come across, maybe it was the timing or maybe just the way it was worded, but it made absolute sense regarding the people I’ve embraced into my life and for myself as to why they/I was born under a particular sign. To experience things through different eyes and feelings it would make sense to choose to be born under the influences of particular planets.

For example, love… To be born a Gemini means their partner better be intellectually stimulating, an Aries would seek out one who’s love of fun and adventure would match, Pisces loves nothing better that to be simply happy. For me, the Sagittarius influence requires truthfulness. Having married a Taurus, I can attest, yes, comfort is key! Each of these signs will seek and experience love in very different manners. The same applies to all life lessons.

So many other influences surrounding our birth can be investigated including numerology and even our name choice, again, a concept that seemed too outlandish to me at first but now makes perfect sense…. Things like locale and parental circumstances, siblings and so much more affect our perceptions and ways we comprehend and experience things in ways unique to us… Just look at how siblings will compare how they perceived their upbringing so differently! Same house, same parents.

There is much to learn about what makes up “us”… With an open mind, our world can expand unendingly. May you always endeavour to learn and to grow.

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