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Who Are We…?


One of man’s oldest quests is that of identifying himself, whether through family, community, religion or simply to determine what he is made of; body, mind and soul. It is a quest well taken with love and with research, one that allows for a deeper understanding of why we are here.

I recently watched an Internet video conversation presented by Bob Olsen, host of, as he shared his thoughts and research into understanding the difference between soul and spirit (Spirit vs Soul, Revealing the Difference!) Bob uses the analogy of the ocean to represent our soul and talks of how the ocean sends out waves, representing our spirit, to experience the earth; waves which always return to once again blend into the ocean’s vastness.

There are many who do not believe that there is anything beyond the human experience, and there are those who believe that there is a greater “us” but that we only experience one lifetime on this earth. I personally believe in reincarnation, not for the purposes of rectifying karmic balance, but of reincarnation for the purposes of continued learning within the physical experience of being human. Bob’s analogy allows for this continuous return to the earth plane to experience life as many different spirits, while maintaining the essence of our larger soul. This analogy resonates with my sense of who we are and why we are here…

When I started to understand the metaphysical side of life, over twenty-five years ago, there were books to explore but now we can use the Internet to spread out a much wider net with which to capture so much more information. Again, it is important to remember that we must allow for discernment to take its place in our eager search for knowledge from which we will form our truths. We need to sift out that which does not feel true to us, after all, we are all on different paths and must experience different lessons.

The more we explore who we are and what we believe, the richer we become. Allowing for expansion, we will find doors opening to opportunities once thought well beyond our reach. The belief that our true purpose for being here on the earth plane, at this very moment, is that of growing our soul, is the belief that drives my day and inspires my writings. Each day I attempt to further understand who I am. This allows for each new day to become an adventure to be savoured and digested. A favoured question from my mentor is: “Did you know that life is interesting?”

My favourite lecturer/author, Dr. Leo Busgaglia, talked of family dinners when he was young and of how his father always asked: “What did you learn today?” As a young man, Leo found this to be a tedious question, one that sometimes required a quick browse through the family encyclopedia for a tidbit to share just to keep from getting into trouble. Yet, as an adult, Leo learned to embrace the importance of exploring the wonder of what there was to learn and expounded on the particular importance of learning about love of self and of others.

May you always take some time at the end of your day to ask yourself: “What did I learn today?” Then, ask yourself, “Has this changed me somehow for the better and if not, how can I turn it into something positive, something to help me to grow…?”



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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