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The Fork In The Road…


We have all been there, standing at that fork in the road, wondering and weighing the choices that lay ahead of us. Sometimes the way looks simple and clear and our choice is swift. Yet, other times, our options will give us pause for deep consideration, for our choices are muddied by fears and insecurities or perceived obligations and barriers. How do we choose? Will we ever be able to return and select again? Sometimes we are immersed so deeply into a fog that we may find that we have already taken one path, not even being aware that there was a choice to be had. Or maybe we are so blinded by illusion that we fail to see what lies ahead.

Guidance comes in many forms, if we pay attention to the signs within and around us. Paying attention to the songs, books and movies that grab our notice is a good way to obtain messages, as is recognizing synchronicity when it arrives on our doorstep… I’d like to share some examples of guidance, received this past week, that will hopefully demonstrate how our perceptions are affected when we are open to receiving messages…

A book that I’ve had for a while, but had not yet got round to reading, was brought to my attention via a FaceBook posting recently, so I took the hint and commenced reading. This fictional novel is a reminder of how the world of spirit works, of how souls do not die and shows the reader how to understand the power that is held within us all. It’s timely arrival for me has come when many other reminders of my power have shown up all around me, within my art, within my guidance and within my surroundings.

A recent movie that was suggested for me to watch reflected messages of life, living and love as we age and of the choices we make, or not… a preview of paths that may unfold as I too venture into my senior years and a nudge to let me know that the choices that I make will be of greater importance since the paths ahead will be far shorter than those of my younger years…

My art has recently shown me the amalgamation of who I’ve been, who I am and who I will be. Again, reminders of the lessons learned through what I’ve experienced along my journey that will serve me well as I move forward into my last decades.

Another piece of reading, timely for this blog posting, crossed my path this week, one that expressed a sentiment that I have written of many times before…that of discernment. This article was of excerpts of an interview conducted with an instructor at Arthur Findlay College, a recognized school for practicing mediums and psychics. In this interview, the importance of discernment when receiving messages from spirits was stressed: “Your Uncle Jim who gives bad advice when he’s alive will still be your Uncle Jim who gives bad advice when he’s dead.” (Article link: The Wall Street Journal.)

With all messages we receive, we must be keenly aware of the state-of-being we are in to properly interpret their meaning for us. We also need to be mindful of whom we are receiving guidance from. Messages from our higher-self, our assigned spirit-guides and our angels is very different from receiving guidance from other souls, either those living or crossed over. A reminder that, whomever you should receive guidance from, you must use your own sense of knowing to decide how or if you should incorporate it into your life..

So, next time you find yourself standing at that fork in the road, take the proper time to pause and sit in contemplation, then reach into your spiritual tool box to find the tools which will help you work out your best option. Remember too, that sometimes, no matter which option you choose, there will be another fork which will take you back to meet the other road not taken. Still other times, you may find that the road you choose will turn out to be just a temporary diversion, one presented to allow you to develop and test your skills of understanding and interpretation of the signs and guidance that you have been provided. As in the message of the tarot card, the Two of Wands, there are really no wrong choices. Some just make our lives harder or easier.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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