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Are You Choosing Life or Simply Existing…?


Each new day we make a choice; a choice to live life to its fullest or to simply survive; or maybe even worse, we choose apathy. This choice gets tested to its extremes in times of war or strife, when heroes emerge to inspire or assist their fellow man. Somedays, the hero that emerges is the one who must face pain or hardship but does so with good cheer and humanity. Other days, it is one who feels despair or hopelessness and who chooses to make a change, to make a difference in their life or another’s.

For all, it is about attitude, about wanting more than what the current circumstances have presented. But this “more” is not something that can be purchased, is not something that is material based, it is something that comes from deep within, from our souls, from Spirit.

The draw of “New Age” thinking is the promise of giving ourselves the ability to change our lives, to give ourselves permission to make things better; the promise that we have the power within us to make a new way for ourselves, one that will take us from surviving to thriving. This is not really a new way of thinking, but it is a way that has been resurfacing these past few decades. A way that puts us back into the driver’s seat for our continuing journey; a way that empowers us through the power of The Universe/Spirit, through Grace.

The first step to embracing this concept is to acknowledge our worthiness. For, when we feel worthy, the control that we have allowed by our own fear or the fear that comes from others, whether persons or institutions, to hold reign over us, quickly dissolves. Fear, as I’ve shared previously (Only Love is Real), holds immense power, most especially over those who feel unworthy.

It all starts with love.

The love that we feel for ourselves is the key to life. Without this love of self we cannot reach our full potential, we cannot truly love another, we cannot embrace life as it was meant to be lived…

“The world is your oyster,” was a phrase that I grew up with that let us know that there is nothing we can’t achieve. A phrase that said all we had to do was reach out for whatever it was we wanted… I realize now that this metaphor also can be an analogy of our part in the process of living a full and satisfying life. It tells of the potential we have to take a grain of sand, an irritant no less, and turn it into something precious. How large a pearl we choose to make depends on how much time and effort we put into it. And so will be our life experience.

I have learned to not only accept the fact that I can survive anything, but to take it up a notch, to know that I can and must also thrive.
With each new beginning, I had stoically resolved to “once again reinvent myself;” I was a survivor – I would adapt to whatever the Universe sent me. However, I soon realized “re-inventing” myself was no longer good enough. This new start was going to be different.
It had to be, it was time….
~Revelations of a Singing Bowl – Maureen Lancaster


About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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