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Magnify the Right Things…


I was reminded the other day about my mother’s comments of distress when she would look into the mirror and see way too many wrinkles. Now, my mother had great genetics and in her 90s looked far younger than her years, and her wrinkles were few. What was creating the problem for my mother was the mirror she chose to critique herself with…

When we look into a mirror we see ourselves reflected back and how we view that reflection depends pretty much on how we view ourselves. A radiant being of The Universe is what we need to see, however, too often what is seen is deemed far less than. If we use a mirror framed with love, the reflection shown will take on a softness and a maturity well earned. Framed in any other way, the reflection will “mirror” the energies of emotions less desired.

My dear mother, in her later years, had developed the habit, born out of an aging mind, to view herself using the magnified side of the double-mirror, a side that emphasized her trepidation of aging, her wrinkles. There are times in our lives when it is beneficial to magnify the view of our situation in order to see it more clearly, but the danger in doing so is to lose track of the reason we are examining things so closely; getting distracted by what we perceive there to be.

When looking at ourselves it is difficult to see what is true, It is the human side of us, our ego, that clouds our perception of what is. Do you see too much fat, too many wrinkles, too little stature when you walk by a mirror? Do you view that image with love or disdain? A favoured thought of mine is for us all to have ourselves videoed during our daily activities. Through the impartial view of the lens we would learn so much about how we carry ourselves, whether with confidence and joy or hunched and withdrawn..

A regular experience at my winter golf coaching academy is to have yourself videoed to help you see the development of your golf swing. It takes great discipline to view yourself with the intent to learn from what you see. How easy it would be to concentrate on your flaws instead of celebrating your progress.

I have asked this question many times before…”What do you see when you look into the mirror?” Attitude will govern your answer. May yours be gentle and kind.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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