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Good Guy, Bad Guy…?

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Discernment has been a key word in my spiritual growth. A word that was given to me early on in my journey; one that was delivered very strongly by Spirit upon waking one morning. A word that I had previously never given any consideration, it just was not in my awareness. I was and still am very much a Pollyanna persona.

My spiritual journey has required me to change, to expand and to incorporate much discernment along the way. There are many teachers, tools and ways to consider and many options formed by truths held by others. Everyone’s truths are initially born and nurtured by the truths held by their parents or caregivers but the time comes when one must take ownership of their own truths. A time when research, experience and intuition guide you into your own beliefs and way of living.

One person’s hero may be considered by another to be a much lessor person. One way of thinking may be liberating to some and restrictive to others. Even those sharing a common religion, for example, will share very different perspectives or interpretations of the accepted doctrines. Even within a belief system such as Spiritualism there are those who, through personal experience or through teachings of the Church, view contact with spirits differently, or may have differing views on topics such as reincarnation.

Recently, while researching spirits and angels that have crossed my path, I’ve found that there can sometimes be a chasm to cross when determining friend or foe… Discernment becomes paramount at times like these.

Archangel Sammael for one, has come to the fore recently and is the instigator of this blog posting. In most texts he is demonized as one of the Fallen Angels, yet, in others he is revered as one who gives us courage and stamina, one who helps liberate the soul. The same goes for Lilith, again one who has been demonized yet she is also one who represents empowerment and courage. Friend or foe? What is to be learned by their appearance? For me, today, it is to once again address the importance of discernment.

When consolidating thoughts into truths we need to ask:

• What/who is the source?
• What was the intent when written, spoken etc.?
• How does it make you feel and more importantly, why does it invoke a particular reaction?

One of my earliest posts talked of the importance of seeking out credible information and people from whom to form your truths (Be Guidable, Not Gullible) and today it is even more imperative as this world pushes its way through the end of the Piscean Age, into the Age of Aquarius, when our connections to Spirit will be more tangible and truths will be more evident.

We are all on our own individual journey and what truths work for some may not work in your best interests. Be discerning; listen to Your guides, Your gut, Your instincts to determine what is best for You. Then, be open to change as you grow and evolve…what didn’t make sense before, might now.

Blind faith holds no interest for me……
To me, faith requires a recipe of research, desire and purpose
neatly folded into a belief system that feels right for me.
~Revelations of a Singing Bowl
– Maureen Lancaster



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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