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Our Words Have Power…

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While out for dinner recently, I was reminded of the numerous talks of that week that I’d had with my friend regarding the frigid weather curtailing my daily walks. It was a Saturday night and when I arrived at the restaurant I found the parking lot to be full. The normal runoff parking area had not yet been ploughed from the week’s snow, so I found myself parking quite a distance from the restaurant, resulting in a long walk in the cold.

“Well, you were complaining this week about not getting your walks in,” she advised me. “You have to watch what you put out to The Universe!” A lesson in the making had been brewing that week.

The salt in the wound…I had arrived 15 minutes early for our reservation and was greeted by the huge crowds being turned away by the long wait time. My friend, however, along with a second car load of friends, arrived on time, all driving easily into the, now available, parking spaces.

We are used to hearing the phrase, “Watch what you ask for,” but this occurrence emphasizes how the energies we project can create scenarios to fulfill what we have voiced, request or not! Mine was a simple example, yet an effective one, of how our words affect our reality.

What I had neglected to be aware of, all that week, was of the building up of energies regarding the complaint that I had been sending out to The Universe on a daily basis. Even one who is as aware and open to the signs from The Universe as I am, can still be amazed and caught off-guard as to how connected we are to the energies that form our experience of the earth plane. Reminders are all around us, should we care to take note of them…

It is very easy to let the smaller scenarios, such as the one I experienced, to not only escape our notice, but to feel surreal, and to disregard. Acknowledging the simplicity of our words translating into action can be unnerving as it reminds us of how much responsibility we have in shaping our reality. So much easier it is to believe that fate is far more powerful than we are as individuals.

So it’s not just the voicing of positive affirmations that can set the tone for the day. Our grumbling can send out even stronger vibrations, due to their deeper-felt emotions, causing us to be presented with occurrences that are unwelcome. Something to keep well in mind.

Here’s to the power of positive thinking…!

We need to become keenly aware of the words that we use everyday for they do indeed create our reality, our perceptions. If we constantly chose negative words to describe ourselves and our lives then we will find our world to be one that is unfulfilling, frightening and hurtful. Situations will be perceived as against us. We will attract people into our lives who will hold us back and cause us pain. If we choose, however, to see the bright side, to see our value and that of our fellow beings, then we will notice that more and more positive situations and people will arise, providing nourishment to our souls. ~Revelations of a Singing Bowl. Maureen Lancaster



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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