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Shadow Play…


I have a wonderful Joy Guide, a tiny fairy-being. Her name is Cassandra, a name she likes very much because it is a large and grandiose one, and, being a fairy, she is small and light. The other day, I lit a candle near a representation of her, a figurine which closely matches the image she had shown me during the meditation where we first met. The combination of light from the candle and the dullness of the day created a shadow on the wall many times her petite size…a grandiose shadow. In looking at the pictures I had taken of this image, I was drawn into contemplation of her message to me…

I was reminded of the shadow that Peter Pan cast and of its mischievousness when separated from Pan. On looking up the symbolism of Peter Pan’s shadow, many theories arose, but the one I liked best was of the comparison of light and dark. For without light, a shadow cannot appear. Humans have an inherent fear of the dark, for in the darkness nothing is clear and recognizable. Our eyes must strain to see, our hearing heightens; all of our senses intensify to help us navigate our way. For Peter, however, the dark is a safe place, as light, representing the enlightenment of adulthood, is what he fears. For he is not yet ready to “see.”

Much of our human journey provides us with the lessons of light and dark, for without each we cannot truly know the other. Without sadness we cannot appreciated the fullness of joy. Without pain we cannot understand pleasure. Without fear we cannot behold the true power of love.

First encounters with one’s shadow can be a frightful thing. Children cannot understand why they are unable to outrun this “thing” that follows their every move. Yet, adults can spend hours entertaining this same child with shadow puppets on the wall. Perception and understanding are what makes a shadow’s experience a thing of laughter or tears. First encounters with the unknown can easily invite feelings of trepidation so the more we expand upon our knowledge, the more prepared we will be in understanding and recognizing friend from foe.

Cassandra is a Joy Guide, so her delight in having projected such a large representation of herself on my wall was a positive message. Her wings stood out tall and strong, her leg cocked into a position of boldness; all symbols indicative of empowerment. A reminder for me to unfurl my wings and to sit upon my world with that same ease and confidence.

How do you react to your shadow? Is their fear or amusement? Is there a lesson to be learned or simply fun to be had?

Our guides are always looking for ways to convey their messages to us. Being open and alert allows us to work more tangibly with them. As in Peter Pan, to believe in fairies is to keep them alive. I, for one, in my earlier days, was not a believer in many things that I’ve since come to know and value. To open to your spiritual side is to open your heart and mind to that which may, at first, seem too outlandish. Be true to your own journey and take what makes sense to you, what feels right to you, but do allow for the myriad of possibilities that will unfold on your path if you let them…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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