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A New Year…


It is a New Year and time for me to once again acknowledge and celebrate an anniversary writing for i-Spirit. This year marks my third! The number 3 resonates to the energies of joy, creativity, speech, inspiration and fulfillment – all energies that have been written of, and sincerely felt, this past year.

As a Christmas gift to a dear friend of mine who does not have access to the Internet, I created a compilation of my writings of these past three years and had them bound into a book. I decided to also create a copy for myself, and upon reading through my past thoughts put to pen, I realized that I had created a diary of my growth whereby I could once again take time to pause and reflect on my journey. Never having been one to keep a diary in my younger days, I had started to journal my feelings and happenings five years ago as a way to work through my challenges of the time, but had not written a personal journal since. What started as a gift for another became a gift to myself. How special.

Journaling can be an important tool to help in understanding where you have been and where you are going. The act of writing allows your mind to open up to memories and dreams. It helps you to get unstuck. I have written many times of the importance of reflection. Of how it allows you to see your growth, to see where you create patterns that may need to be broken and of how it can help you to connect to the infinite possibilities that are awaiting your grasp.

The year 2015 vibrates to the number 8 and hence brings forth the energies of wisdom and stability, justice and balance. It will be an energetic year of healing and a time of power. If you are still looking to find balance and stability in your life, you might wish to consider writing down your thoughts, your questions and your prayers. A simple word or two can be the start and soon you may find that the pages start to fill in with your revelations. You will find that it is easier to move forward when you have left your past behind, in resolution and forgiveness, with Grace and with compassion.

My wish is that the year ahead will feed your soul with love and joy. I wish to thank you for coming along on my journey and I look forward to yet another year of sharing my thoughts and dreams with you. May they inspire you to heal, to grow and to find your wholeness.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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