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I Am My Sunshine…


Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are slipping into the darkness of winter and for many, a time of struggle to feel well, to stay positive, without the benefit of the long days of sunshine that summertime provided. Wintertime truly challenges us to make our own sunshine…

From a practical point-of-view, we can run out and purchase full-spectrum lighting to bathe ourselves in until springtime once again lengthens our days. But the greatest struggle is to allow our spirits to bathe in positive energy and activity. New venues within which we can nurture ourselves must be found to see us through days cut short by darkness.

The mammal within us wishes to put on weight, to hibernate, yet we have evolved well past this need and must fight those long ingrained instincts and find ways to embrace these cold, harsh days upon us. Those who look forward to winter sports have learned to rejoice in this change of seasons, others use this season to tackle indoor projects, while others simply take time to enjoy comforts such as reading a good book while sitting by a toasty fireplace.

Searching out the ways and means with which to provide comfort to our bodies and souls is imperative to finding our way through these next months; not allowing ourselves to succumb to the stresses and strains put upon us by weather and frigid temperatures. This is not a time to deny ourselves of creature comforts and it is also a time when we reach out to those less fortunate to assist in their survival.

Incorporating outside tools and means with which to make ourselves happy only goes so far, however. Real and lasting happiness can only come from within ourselves. If you haven’t already done so, ignite the fire deep within you to keep you warm. Find that which will see you through this wintertime.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay positive.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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