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Seeds Awaiting Germination…

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Once again, talks with my walking friend have provided fertile ground for a blog posting. Two separate topics of discussion melded readily into each other recently, as we realized their relevance to each other…

I had been relating instances of how I was consciously harnessing the energies of my trips to Ireland, a place that has touched me deeply, a place where I have gone to rejuvenate my soul. When taking the inner stairwell of a hotel I stayed at this past month, I was reminded of the stairwell of another, one in Killarney, Ireland, and instantly my steps became lighter as I ascended to my floor. While walking alone down a busy city street, I made my way brighter by connecting to the memories and energies of my walks in my favourite parkland in Dublin, Ireland. Ways that not only recalled the images and smells of joyous times, but ways that actually re-infused me with the vibrations of those past visits.

My friend had been telling of her harvesting her tomato plant seeds in readiness for next year’s germinating and planting when she suddenly made the connection that led to this blog. She talked of how, I too, had been harvesting; of how I had harvested the energies of a place that brings me joy and peace, of how I had gathered the very “seeds” that house the essence of that special place. And now, of how those seeds are quietly awaiting their germination and growth into a blossoming plant full of vibrations from which I nourish my very being. How astute my friend is.

Another friend has shared with me her similar feelings of renewal when she visits the South of France, of how she becomes a healthier, happier and stronger woman there. Yet another, finds rejuvenation by going South, into warmer climes, and yet another finds her true-self when by the oceanside.

So how is it that other locales can affect us so profoundly?

When we travel outside of our home environment, say, to vacation elsewhere, we not only leave behind our day-to-day responsibilities, we leave behind the astral plane energies associated our home-base. Astral plane energies contain the thoughts and beliefs associated with our home, our daily habits and with our emotions. These astral energies weigh us down, becoming stickier and more confining as time goes by, making it evermore difficult for us to change our ways. The age-old advice of, “going for a walk to cool off,” recognizes this astral attachment. The act of going out for a walk, into the fresh air, removes us from the existing environment, thereby decreasing the power of these energies, which then allows us to think more clearly.

We live very much in a material world and too often gravely underestimate the power of the energies that surround us. One helpful practice involves visualizing the clearing of energetic sludge, that accumulates in our energy field, by taking a “psychic” shower. Just picture yourself standing under a flow of water that rinses off the accumulation of the day…..allowing it to flow back into the ground to be re-absorbed and cleared.

By reactivating the energies of my favourite place, I effectively counter the heavier energies that, on occasion, work to hold me down. Next time you visit a place that feeds your soul, take the time to harvest memories and energies that, you too, can call upon to see you through the tougher times.

In becoming more aware of the influences that surround us, we can become better equipped to deal with them.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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