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Count Your Blessings, and Your Vitamins…


Balancing our spiritual side with our earthly existence and keeping them both healthy and strong requires similar care and attention. Counting our blessings, those things “given” to us that enrich us, giving us joy and comfort, tends to fall under the “spiritual umbrella”, whereby vitamins fall under a very human and physical one. Both nurture us and help to keep us strong and well.

One of my many blessings is that of stimulating and enlightening conversations with friends and the title of this blog posting flowed from a recent one. Some of my friends are readily exploring things metaphysical and are coming to terms with their personal concept of spirituality, while others, though supportive of my spiritual journey, sit on the boundaries of my way of living, occasionally dipping their toe into the stream, testing the waters.

Sharing my journey and experiences with you, by way of this blog, is another of my many blessings, one that is spiritually rewarding, and one that continues to challenge me to “put myself out there…” I came across a quote that expressed a sentiment that I hold dear. It spoke of the sharing of information, not for the sake of changing the minds of those who think differently, but rather as show of support to those who don’t; a show of solidarity. As I like to say, “Take what feels true to you and put the rest aside for future contemplation. What doesn’t make sense today, might tomorrow …”

It is both an honour and a responsibility to share my spiritual experiences in as open and honest a fashion as I can. We form our beliefs and truths based upon our life experiences and teachings, and hopefully, we are able to open our minds and our hearts to things positive and uplifting, even when they may seem odd or different to us. I am blessed to live in a culture where I am free to share my thoughts to those free to believe, or not…

There is a building resurgence in things of Spirit, one that is hopefully offsetting the energies of suppression and rigidity. Fear is historically used to control and sway one’s way of thinking and being. Love has always had the tougher road to travel. (Only Love Is Real). Another of my conversations held to the concept of “the tipping point”, that tipping of the Universal scales of negative and positive energies which will change the course of human existence. Choosing to concentrate on our blessings and on things positive and that come from a place of love, will not only help to heal ourselves but will send out energies to help heal and make stronger this world of ours – a great blending of things spiritual and practical…

So, as each new day dawns, I hope you remember to count your blessings and to do what is necessary to keep you healthy and strong, both physically and spiritually.



About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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