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That Little Voice…


We’ve all heard it – that “little voice” in our heads. That is our intuition or our guides talking to us, giving us counsel or caution. So often we just don’t hear it or choose to ignore it, doubting its authenticity, its direction.

I was performing the simple act of doling out my vitamins the other day when I heard this voice and yes, I chose to ignore it – after all, I was just doling out vitamins!

Normally, I put my vitamins on a piece of paper towel to ensure that they are kept clean and won’t roll around too easily. This day, I started to put them directly on the counter when I first heard my inner voice state, “Get a paper towel.” My logical side countered with, “Oh well, what’s the harm in continuing as is?” So, I kept going. Again my inner voice interrupted my task. “Take a look at the counter.” So I did. Good thing – there was a puddle of water at the edge of my pills that was creeping into the mix…. A simple example of how this “little voice” is here to assist us, of how our Higher Self and our guides do their best to keep us out of trouble or try to show us a better way.

So many times I have been asked how it is that I know when my guides are working with me. Such a hard thing to explain. It all boils down to trust. Trust that a simple thing, like being aware of and listening to that little voice that pops up in your head, is a valid action to take, to believe in.

In trying to explain this phenomenon, I like to ask people to become aware of how it is that they talk, not only out loud, but to themselves. The mechanics behind talking involves the movement the muscles of the tongue and I find that if you pay close attention, you will notice that when you read to yourself or when you think about things, those same mechanics come into play. You can feel the slightest movement of those same muscles. But, when a thought is “put into your head” by your Higher Self or your guides, this muscle movement does not occur. The thought is literally “put there” as opposed to being created by yourself. It then just becomes a matter of awareness.

I’ve written many times of how working with Spirit, spirits and our guides and angels is not a passive undertaking. We have to take an active part, opening ourselves up to the subtlety of the Sprit Realm. Our busy daily life, with all its noise and distraction does its best to close us to our spiritual side. Learning to trust in our Higher Self and spiritual guidance is just that, a learned ability. Some will find it easier than others depending upon their past experiences and current circumstances, but we all have the inherent ability to connect with the world of Spirit.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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