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Teachers Come in Many Forms…


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Truer words are seldom spoken. Our “teacher” may come in many forms. It may be by way of a new friend, a pet, a loved one, a book, a song or in any other myriad of ways. Everyday we are given the opportunity to stretch ourselves, to learn new ways and to shed old ones.

I visited my favourite spiritual book store recently and a new oracle deck caught my eye; this one providing messages through numerology. True to form, my first selection of cards talked of my new beginnings, stressing the importance of maintaining my individuality and staying true to myself, and of the effort I need to continue to put into my life to make it the best it can be. My strong connection to cards makes them a wonderful teaching and affirming tool for me.

Many who seek to understand themselves better can benefit from searching out tools or people who can provide answers, or better yet, questions, for delving into what needs to be release in order for them to move forward. Great care must be given when taking on a new teacher though. It is too easy to see your new teacher as “all knowing.” Practicing common sense and listening to your own inner voice will help you to know what is true for you and what to leave aside. (Be Guidable, Not Gullible.)

A friend told me recently of how she was getting an odd feeling “in her gut” when attending a meditation class but she didn’t wish to bring it up with her teacher, feeling that she was too new and that maybe her feelings were something else – she didn’t trust her own inner-knowing. On discussing this dilemma with me she soon was able to take back her power and subsequently found that her initial feelings were validated. It is too easy, as a beginner, to not trust ourselves, to bow down to someone that we credit being superior, or more knowledgeable. It is especially important, when embarking on spiritual growth, to follow what feels right to us, for us.

“Practice makes perfect”…. another phrase we are familiar with. The more one practices their spirituality, exercises their intuition, the more they will see that they indeed do know what is best for themselves. We all have much to learn; we need to be perpetual students. Some lessons will come easily, some with sorrow and pain. Still others will provide us with laughter and joy. Search out new teachers, in all their forms. Embrace the lessons this life provides and allow yourself to grow… but practice discernment most of all.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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  1. Gina Gretz says:

    I really enjoyed this writing on following one’s intuition. I know from experience the grief when one doesn’t listen and act on the urging of that still, small, voice inside. It’s critical to our well-being that we do. Thanks, Maureen.

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