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If the traffic flow had allowed, I would have turned left instead of right. In turning right, I drove past a realtor’s sign and subsequently found my new home, one that was not within my original parameters but has proven to be just right…

When we relinquish our desire for control and allow Spirit to guide us, our way is made easier and the best outcome always unfolds. Allowing ourselves to be open to guidance is not always an easy route because it often requires patience and faith. We must walk that fine line of stepping forward, showing The Universe that we are willing to do our part, and of allowing what is to be, to unfold in its own time and place.

I am one who “feels” her way through life, conscious of the energies in things living and also in those things deemed inanimate. Moving into a new home has brought forth challenges in determining the proper placement of my belongings, as each piece calls out, letting me know where it wishes to reside. To most, this will sound quite surreal but those who perceive the world as I do, will easily relate. I went through most of my life not understanding why I felt the need to move an object just that half inch to the right or to the left, until I discovered what it is to be clairsentient. I had simply thought I was just a bit on the weird side….

Clairsentience is just one of the many clair senses related to our psychic perceptions. There are those who perceive the world through “feel”, as I do, those who “see” (clairvoyance), those who “hear” (clairaudience), those who “smell” (clairscent) , those who “touch” (clairtangency), and those who “taste” (clairgustance). An additional gift is clairempathy, whereby one feels another’s emotions and vibrations – a particularly challenging clair sense of which I too experience.

Each one of us can relate to our surroundings through one or more of these senses and until we become aware of which gift(s) we posses and learn to work with them, we may find our days to be extra challenging. There are many resources available to help you find your special clairs, one of which is this quiz created by Doreen Virtue: The Four Clairs….which one are you?

Opening up to the expansive world of Spirit may seem odd or even frightening at first, but oh, what amazing world it is. Once your blinders are off, there is so much more to perceive, so much more to experience.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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