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Unearthing The Dust…


It is Springtime and spring cleaning is upon most of us here in the Northern Hemisphere. That time when we reach into the corners and clear away the dust and debris that has accumulated over the past year. A time when we sweep clean our homes and property; a time when we unearth that which needs tending to.

For me, this year’s spring cleaning has taken on an extreme urgency, for it coincides with my moving into my new life, having sold my house. Determined to not carry with me anything that is no longer pertinent to my path, I am doing the “final” purge. Having had the pleasure and liberty of living in a large house these past twenty years, has allowed for the accumulation of not only my nicknacks and utilitarian possessions, but those of my parent’s as they downsized and then, subsequently, left their earthly existence, along with those of my husband’s.

Nature abhors a vacuum and my house allowed for the accumulation of many items and treasures. Part of the completion of healing the past and of moving forward for me encompasses a long and hard look at what retains meaning to my moving onwards. New homes have been found for much of my memorabilia, where they now can become a source of joy to someone new, to be seen with new appreciation and love. Parting is then made sweeter knowing that a sense of freshness has been imparted into these objects that have brought me much pleasure over the years.

I have talked before of how important it is to “spring clean” our lives. To shift around our “stuff,” to dust out our corners, to let surface that which we have tucked away and to release or to heal or even, if we must, to put back some things until we are better prepared to deal with them. The downfall of many new starts, whether they be new relationships or new projects, is the carrying forward of our old “baggage.” How many times can you look back on your moves, whether physical or emotional, and see where you have paid the price in energy or actual physical cost, to box up and carry over that which no longer serves a useful purpose, or worse, that which holds onto energies that hold you down.

So many people I have talked to have basements full of their life’s accumulations and envy my determination to move, uncluttered and unfettered, by my past. And when I talk of this, I don’t only refer their physical basements, but also to the basements within their energy field, their emotions. Not everyone is prepared to carry their cleanup to the lengths that I have, but even the simple act of clearing out a single closet is sufficient for most to feel a lightening of their load, be it physically or energetically.

Springtime is a time to once again breathe in fresh sweet air, to shake off the staleness of too much indoor living and to sweep away the cobwebs of stagnation and accumulation. If you take the time to freshen up your world, even just a bit, you will feel the liberation of action. Happy Spring!



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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