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Finding Balance…


Living with Spirit is a wondrous and gentle place to be, offsetting the harsh realities of our earthly life, which grates upon our soul. Yet, live here we must and it is imperative that we strike a balance between our spiritual side and our earthly reality.

I passed a spot along the ocean, while in Ireland, that struck me as an analogy of what a lot of people experience when they start out on their spiritual journey. Two sets of waves were at odds with each other, rearing up into one another, fighting each other in their race to reach the shore to find stable ground. Each wave coming from a different place…

While on vacation, we gratefully allow ourselves to forget our worries, our duties and responsibilities as exciting new experiences tickle our senses and tensions melt away as we immerse ourselves in our new environment. This newness whisks us away into a state of euphoria. Travel challenges or glitches soon are forgotten.

These same sensations are often experienced by those starting on their spiritual path as the pendulum swing of their emotions begins to take on momentum. Just as in jet lag, following the crossing of multiple timezones, one’s days become disrupted, sleep patterns may change, moods may fluctuate and feelings of being off balance settle in.

Like anything new that comes into our lives, we need to work out how our new feelings, thoughts and experiences are to fit into our new way of being. What seemed to be “our way” must now expand to allow the time and energy for new ways, just as in adjusting our calendar to make time for new friends who come into our lives. The excitement of this newness can be overwhelming, as we crave more and more, sometimes at the detriment of other areas of our lives.

To find balance once again, we may find that we have to sacrifice some of our old habits and ways, but by doing so, new doors will open and space will be found to house new routines, tools and people that have come into our energy field. The good news is, that what is new today, will soon become familiar and routine and then we will find, if we are open and willing, that we are ready to “take it up a notch” once more.

Like stepping onto a balance board for the first time, there is excitement in the thrill of its movement, yet being uncertain and unskilled, we can quickly find it to be a frightening and frustrating experience. But once we find our centre, our balance, we then bask in our accomplishment and enjoy the ride…



About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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