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We create our reality.

This has been told to us in so many ways, by so many people. Yet, how can we be expected to accept this as fact when we suffer or when see others suffering around us. Why would one choose to endure a life of hardship or pain? The concept of our having chosen our path before we incarnated to this earth plane is beyond most people and it is one of faith or belief. It is one of individual choice.

What is within our control, using a simpler concept, is our attitude regarding our circumstances and of what comes our way. Our reactions to the happenings in the world around us. This is how we indeed create our reality. Remember back to the last time you were ill and how even the simplest task became monumental, yet, once well again, not even a thought was put towards that same minuscule undertaking. It was not only our bodily weakness that made the task so arduous, it was our outlook. Those who live with chronic pain or illness face each day very keenly aware of the choice of attitude to don in the morning. Their physical situation might worsen or ease during the day, but how the day will unfold is driven solely by way of their resolve and attitude.

When the sun shines we feel brighter, more hopeful. That is why we, who live in the colder northern climes, yearn so greatly for the dawn of springtime. Why we come alive with the sound of the birds and the sweet smells of grass awakening once again. Why the bleak cold and seemingly endless days of winter drags us ever downwards. Then again, there are those who thrive in the winter’s crisp cold and who eagerly anticipate the winter activities that only snow cover allows. Perception and attitude.

How we face the future depends on how we view our past and present. Are we tenuously moving forward? At least that shows movement. Better yet, is to stride, confident that our next footfall will land on solid ground. We cannot truly know what lies ahead. We can research, prepare and plan but truly, only Spirit knows what lies ahead. What will see us through is a firm belief in ourselves. Armed with our inner strengths and truths we can then face whatever comes our way.

These words, some of you may be thinking by now, are so much easier to think about or state, especially given as advice to someone else. Putting them into practice into our own lives is another matter entirely. This is where we are challenged to create the reality we dream of. This is where we chase away our personalized grey cloud that we have tethered to us. This is where we take off our rose-coloured glasses and see the truth in what surrounds us and instead make our world pink. This is where we no longer simply state a litany of affirmations, but choose to live them, to own them, to make them real. This is where we chose to create our reality.

We live in the cusp of the Piscean age, where outside influences strive to control us, and the Aquarian age, where we will once again be fully empowered and imbued with our spirituality. Attitude is everything. Attitude is, and will be, what continues to separate us and unite us. Attitude is what truly creates our reality.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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