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Never Say Never…


Never say never! This statement has come up a lot recently, with friends remarking on how circumstances they never thought would surface, now are present in their lives.

How many times have you said, “Never again” to yourself, or heard your friends or loved ones pronounce this limiting statement? When we get hurt, we rightfully wish to avoid repeating the same scenario, or maybe, these words have been spoken in relation to not wishing to undergo the same type of trials of another. I have had friends say that they would never “allow” a specific situation to occur in their lives only to find themselves immersed in the “dreaded” situation a short time later. We unknowingly take things to far when we utter those two simple words, because we underestimate how much power the spoken words holds.

Words spoken, with emotion, set an intent that the Universe will respond to. A statement of, “I never, can’t, won’t, etc. (insert action) becomes solely “action” to the Universe. You end up calling forth the energy of the action, instead of averting it when you phrase an intent in this manner. This is referred to as the Law of Action. Better voiced, is the scenario you wish for, not the one you don’t.

We need to become keenly aware of the words that we use everyday for they do indeed create our reality, our perceptions. ~ Revelations of a Singing Bowl

Never again also plays a role in our tendency to underestimate how much we will change over the years. How, what may seem impossible to consider today, may become something that we strongly desire tomorrow. As our reality changes, so will our wants and needs. Never is such a limiting word. One that puts a dead end sign on our path. Stop signs are essential, yield signs welcomed, but a dead end leads us nowhere.

When I was full of hurt and pain, I made many vows that limited my potential to grow. I had many “never agains.” ~ Revelations of a Singing Bowl.

What do you do when you find yourself standing in front of a self-imposed dead end sign? Two choices present themselves. You can simply stop and remain stagnant, either by feeling sorry for yourself or by feeling to helpless to move anymore, or, you can sigh, then turn back along your path until you reach that last fork and choose to take the other road that was offered. This time, though, rest before travelling forward, and take the time to contemplate the choice that led to the dead end and reevaluate your thoughts, feelings and beliefs before getting up once more to head out on your journey.

Take a moment to reflect on how many times in your life that you have said, “Never.” Understand who you were at the time and where you were on your journey. “Never,” like “should,” are words best left out of our vocabulary as they stifle our progress.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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