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What does being spiritual mean to you? For some, it holds religious connotations, held within the confines of dogmas and rituals. For others, it is an expansive connection with a Power greater than ourselves, an intangible thing that words cannot capture sufficiently. Spirituality is a deeply personal thing, and sadly for some, talk of Spirit can endanger them, as things spiritual are used by some as weapons of segregation and control.

Having a venue such as i-Spirit to house articles and tools to help you along your spiritual path is truly a special thing. For me, it was and is a wonderful gift from Spirit. Two years ago, I wrote my first article for i-Spirit and this one marks my 43rd. When we embark upon our spiritual journey, we have hopes and dreams, yet we can never truly know where it will take us. My first years were filled with questions and uncertainties. A favoured phrase of mine, when talking of my path, was, “Ask me again this time next year,” as things were happening so quickly it was hard to envision where I would be…

It fills me with great joy to see how many others have ventured along their spiritual path, some just starting out, others advancing to higher levels of awareness. What is most gratifying is that people are becoming less afraid to talk openly about their spirituality, if only to their closest friends. Airing fears removes their power, sharing experiences helps one grow. Conversations stimulate and heal.

My friend, and fellow spiritualist, Reverend Marilyn Mazzotta, from Mississauga, Ontario speaks eloquently of spirituality as being:

• A clear understanding there is a God.
• An everyday process. It is the actions that we do on a daily level, how we interact with our compassion, our empathy, our goodwill and charity.
• Faith. Faith is a very powerful energy. Faith can create endurance beyond one’s understanding. Faith has the ability of bringing empowerment, courage, and unrelenting life force. Faith gives us hope, optimism, and often, clarity.
• Sacred. It is how we have our conversations with God. It is how we pray. It is how we love.
• Joy and wealth. Spirituality can fill your spiritual bank account, giving you nourishment, enlightenment, and sometimes even laughter.
• Communion. This is a communion between you and the God of your understanding. It is a communion of prayer. There could also be a communion of community.

I have written before of the power of faith (Faith, Easier Said Than Done) and of how faith is one cornerstone of our spirituality. Trust, Love, and Compassion are the other cornerstones that hold together our spiritual abode. To keep this abode strong and secure, take some time to fill a spiritual toolbox with a variety of tools to call upon. There is so much to choose from. What appeals to one might not appeal to another, it is your personal toolbox so add to it what resonates with you.

This is a New Year, one that can take you where you will let it…. Let it take you far!



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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