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How do we know our guides, how do we work with our guides…? Questions that I have been asked recently. When I commenced my metaphysical journey over 20 years ago, I admittedly did not give much credence to spirit guides. How things have changed…! When we are ready, our beliefs expand and our perceptions change. When we choose to understand that we are not alone, that we indeed have a spiritual team working with us, then we are ready to watch for the signs of their guidance in every aspect of what we feel, think and do.

There are meditations available that will help you to connect to your guides or you can work with a Spiritual Intuitive or Medium to help you understand who is on your team. Over time you will learn your guide’s individual ways, or at least understand when they are working with you. I’d like to relate a recent event where I worked with my guides to resolve a nagging problem that was starting to occupy too much of my energy, to my detriment.

Being “hold up” for greater periods of time indoors, due to winter weather, I started to find that my old nemesis had started to nibble at the perimeters of my being. Taking advantage of the openings created by my ego, my worries of what might be, I could feel fear lurking, waiting to take advantage of any weak spots that might try to surface. The largest weak spot potential over these past five years has centred around being a single homeowner and the issues that arise out of homeownership. The fears of what might happen….based on past events that had tested me. The times where they had gotten the better of me.

As I’ve shared before, I am still in my marital home, after repeated attempts to sell it, for reasons yet to be revealed to me. It is a beautiful house but not a place that I feel “at home.” But, the lessons learned, in my stay here these past years, have been invaluable to my growth, both spiritually and emotionally. I have had no choice but to stay here and face the fears that have surfaced, handling the challenges that have been presented to me, overcoming that part of me that wants to run screaming into the night….

It has been through the work that I have done with my guides that I have been able to stave off the nibblers, the fear mongers and parts of me that wish to give in. How? By listening and being aware of my feelings when I reach out to my guides for help. Sometimes the answer comes as the desire to watch a DVD, read a book, listen to a certain CD or to work with my tarot or oracle cards. The feeling is subtle, as most of spirit communication is subtle. Sometimes, I think that by being subtle, our guides are asking us to change our modern ways, ways that block out our connections to our spirituality, and to once again learn to slow down and go inward.

Today, I turned to an App developed by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh, to help us receive answers “from Heaven.” This was a new App, and like I do with any new deck or App, I did not peruse the cards in advance. I prefer to discover the cards as they turn up in readings, so as not to anticipate a card in advance. I had asked of the cards, “What is it that I need to know about what it is that is bothering me (regarding the fear that was nipping at my heels). The response was a card that reminded me that I needed to give my worries to Heaven and that by worrying about the future, one that might never materialize, I was inviting fear back into my life. That by thinking about negative possibilities, I would be attracting them into my energy field. A reminder that I need to live a life freed from worries.

What I’d like to impart to you, from this episode in my life, is that I acted upon the feeling that I needed to add this new App to my repertoire and in doing so, my guides were able to provide the perfect advice, in the perfect timing for what I was experiencing. There was no coincidence that the opportunity to purchase this new App arrived “on my doorstep” when it did. For me, the majority of guidance from my guides comes via “the cards,” so this purchase was appropriate for my spiritual path. Earlier on in my journey, it was books that provided answers to my questions. Our guides understand what it is that resonates best with us at each stage and step of our lives. We just need to stop and learn to feel what method it is that will work best for us.

We can send out a request, as I did at one point, five years ago, when I asked for communication to be through songs (Speak To Me Through Song) as that worked best for me at that point in time. Even though that particular communication was not with my spirit guides, the principle is the same. After all, it is a partnership that we have with our guides and we can participate in creating “the rules!”

I was drawn to look at the time when I opened up the App once again, to get the wording of the card I’d been given, and got a chuckle at the affirmation of how, if we turn our troubles over to Spirit and to our guides, that we can ease our burdens. The time was 6:06 and, according to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers, 606 tells us that, when we put God and spirituality at the centre of our lives, everything else will take care of itself.

Guides always like to get in the last word…..



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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