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Real Life Remedies Using Energy Healing

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To Relieve a Headache

There are all sorts of headaches, ranging from milder, pesky headaches that just won’t go away, all the way up to severe stress headaches and migraines. Energy practitioners begin by discussing with the person what the possible cause of the headache might be in order to figure out if there are any specific triggers. This may point to a need for a lifestyle change or the breaking of unhealthy habits so that headaches will keep from reoccurring.

To help the person gain relief from a very painful headache, like a migraine, the practitioner starts by holding their hands a few inches away from the person’s head and using energy techniques to begin to clear the congested energy around the head. Once that is done, the practitioner may employ other techniques closer to the head or by gently touching the head.

For example, Reiki energy that is beamed towards the head very often decreases pain and dilates the blood vessels in the head. Healing Touch techniques that are helpful include: Ultrasound and Laser to clear congestion; Pain Drain to reduce pain; and Mind Clearing to balance the brain energies. Hands Still is a technique that allows the affected area to reenergize. Therapeutic Touch can be used to ensure good energy flow through the body for faster healing. The practitioner will use the best series of natural healing techniques for each client in order to give them relief from pain and promote relaxation.

To Relieve Stress and Fatigue

Many people are looking for relaxation and they would like to have more energy each day. When someone is leading a very busy life with so many demands every minute of the day, the body is always in high alert mode, ready to react, constantly releasing adrenalin. This can severely affect and overwork our adrenal glands, causing stress, fatigue and break down.

To relieve stress and fatigue, full body treatments by a practitioner tend to focus on the body’s energy centres and the endocrine system in order to reduce stress and induce relaxation. Reiki and Therapeutic Touch involve the placing of hands in different positions on and around the body to help induce the natural relaxation response of the body. Healing Touch techniques may include the chakra connection or full body connection, both of which help enhance energy flow. Another method that works well is the Scudder technique which follows the body’s own meridian lines in order to remove stagnant energy. Magnetic Clearing also clears congested energy from the energy field and helps the person release emotional energy that may be stuck.

If a client is going through a stressful transition, Chakra Spread is a gentle healing technique. All the while, the energy flow is re-established and balanced and the body is reenergized with life energy. Clients say that they feel relaxed after a treatment and that their body feels rejuvenated.

To Relieve Back or Shoulder Pain

Sitting at a desk or computer for too long can result in lower back and shoulder pain. Techniques that are used for stress can also be used in this scenario, in addition to specific treatments for the back. Reiki energy can be applied directly to those muscles that are sore. Therapeutic Touch assists in clearing congestion in areas of pain. A number of Healing Touch techniques are very effective such as Hands in Motion and Hands Still; Pain Drain; Vertebral Spiral Technique; Hopi Back Technique; and Spinal Cleansing.

Again the practitioner will choose the most appropriate techniques for the specific individual. The ultimate objective of energy work in this case is to get the muscles to relax because that allows blood flow to increase, and then pain is very often significantly reduced.

While not everyone is familiar with the benefits of Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch, these two forms of energy work are endorsed by specific nursing associations in North America to help patients in homes or hospitals who are experiencing pain or stress.

About the Author

About the Author: Wanda Davis, M.Sc,B.Sc.,B.Ed., is a Wellness Provider, speaker and coauthor of Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch Apprentice practitioner and shamanic practitioner. .

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