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The Gift of Spirit…


Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Christ this month, while others celebrate the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa and Hanukah or eagerly await The New Year. What ever you celebrate this time of year, give yourself the gift of Spirit. The gift of love, understanding and acceptance. The gift of Grace. Allow this gift to last a lifetime.

Two years ago, I was blessed with the gift of i-Spirit to become a venue to share my spiritual journey with you, a journey full of challenges and joys, lessons and experiences. Gifts from Spirit come in many sizes and shapes. Some being subtle and some large and unmistakable.

I was watching the Youtube video of the Canadian airline, WestJet, playing the role of Santa Claus, to two flights from Ontario to Calgary. How they had Santa ask the passengers what it was they wished for Christmas, and of how they scrambled to provide, on behalf of Santa, the fulfilment of these wishes. Yes, this was a marketing ploy, but one that brought smiles and tears to those fortunate enough to have booked those flights, and to those people, the spirit of Christmas giving brought feelings of love bubbling to the surface. The atmosphere was electrified with positive vibrations that day.

Just ask….

I had related to a friend recently, a story of how Spirit had responded to a request of mine, and her response to it was, “All you need to do is ask…” How true these words are.

In struggling to release the attachment of energies that were still holding me back in one area of my life, I had been given the suggestion to turn in my personalized vehicle licence plates, due to the significance surrounding the word inscribed upon them. A word that I had chosen because I had felt it represented my new beginning, five years ago, in addition to honouring my past.

Inadvertently, I now realize, I had created a strong cord of attachment that now needed to be severed. Messages from Spirit challenge our resolve to change our lives, to move forward. It was not an easy choice to make, to turn in plates that had given me delight and a sense of empowerment. But, I had asked to understand what else in my life needed to be addressed in order to allow me to move on. The removal of these plates came as one answer.

Acting upon this suggestion took resolve and speed. No looking back… The result was nothing less than amazing…

The Universe, Spirit, requires us to be active participants in our spiritual growth, to take “a” step forward, to show our resolve, commitment and sincerity. It’s sort of like pledge-matching, you know, where there is the promise to match the pledge that you are making towards some worthwhile cause. After all, it is through teamwork with Spirit that we will attain our best. Our spiritual growth is not a passive undertaking.

My trip home from the licence bureau was surreal. There was an immense feeling of tearing and disconnection. My vehicle no longer felt like mine…it felt like a rental. A feeling that was soon validated and reinforced, as it was also felt by my mentor. I had not seen my mentor in over a month and on my visit to her, the day following this change, I found a phone message from her upon my return home stating: “I noticed, that when you drove away, you weren’t driving your car. Is it in the shop – are you driving a rental?”

The severing of cords of attachment can be a powerful thing. Following this seemingly simple change, I found that other blocks began to dissolve around me.

A wonderful thing also happened that day. On my way to the licence bureau I had thought of exchanging my plates for another set of personalized ones but realized that this change would take a few weeks to occur, as personalized plates did not happen “on-the-spot” and I needed my plates off immediately. So, I asked of Spirit to provide new, off-the-shelf plates that would hold some significance in their interpretation. The plates I received did not show any immediate message to me. Rather bland ones I thought, and maybe that was just the way it was to be. However, Spirit had a surprise gift in store for me.

The day I was to have another item of attachment removed from my home, one that I had been attempting to relocate for five years, and that was one of the blocks that was released following my plate exchange, I decided to look up the metaphysical meaning of the letters and numbers on my new plates.

This was Spirit’s message to me:

The letters on my plate signify: Issues of home, beginnings, hope and imagination.
The numbers signify: A new beginning, the God Power within all of us, Karma, and important life choices.

Message received.

Yes, all I needed to do was ask…..!

So, do not be afraid to ask of Spirit, this season, for the gift that you most need to move forward on your spiritual journey. It will come to you, maybe not in the way you expect, but if your request is sincere and comes from a place of love, Spirit will comply.

Namaste and blessings of the season to you,


About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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