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i-Spirit 3 Year Anniversary

i-Spirit turned 3 today, with a lot of emotions I look back from the days I was brainstorming in creating the Blog. Many drafts thrown to the trashcan, long nights overthinking what I wanted to do, including the terrifying blank page I was staring at for hours.

The end result is above and beyond all my expectations! Those long hours of agony to figure out what I wanted to do with the Blog were absolutely worth it. I made friends all around the world and met incredible people. The last thing you know, i-Spirit turned 3 with hundreds of users registered and Followers from Social Networks. Thanks to you! Family, Friends, Readers, Authors and Contributors.

Below is the original picture of one of the drafts that made the cut for the logo and name of the Blog. I was cleaning up paper work a week before the Blog anniversary and coincidence or…. Not, I found the draft.


Year 2 was exceptionally rewarding with the additions of Authors/Contributors, Followers and a Totally re-Design Blog. All I can tell you for now, is that year 3 will be full of surprises that you don’t want to miss …

Stay Tuned !!! And Thanks again for your support.

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  1. I wish to extend a personal thank you and congratulations to Fabien for the creation of i-Spirit and for the invitation to be a part of such a valuable resource for those seeking to better understand Spirit and their own spirituality. So amazing to see these past years fly by so quickly. In January, I will celebrate two years writing for this blog and I will always remember the day that Fabien approached me to join him in his vision of i-Spirit. When there is a will, Spirit will make a way. We were both so very blessed that day. Namaste, Maureen

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