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The Ugly Lesson…


I was reminded of the phrase, “You don’t want the ugly lesson,” when discussing, with a friend, a lesson that I had missed recently – the lesson of allowing others to assist, the lesson of not trying to be so independent and of taking on more than I can handle. There was also another lesson to be learned that day, a lesson in balance.

When Spirit conveys a lesson, it usually starts out innocently enough. If we chose to ignore the opportunity, Spirit then ramps things up….

The easy lesson occurred while picking up items from the local hardware store. I’d gone in for two items and quickly accumulated an armful which I precariously delivered to the checkout. The “balancing” act, this time, was successful, but just barely. However, I had missed recognizing the lesson being offered and so, the “ugly lesson” soon arrived on its heals.

The next sojourn was to my local health food/homeopathic store where, once again, my initial small amount of items began to grow, entailing a delicate balancing act within my arms which soon became overwhelming. Twice, I was asked if I could be provided with a shopping basket to manage my growing number of purchases, and twice I had refused stating, “Why, that would just take away the fun.”

Now beginneth the lesson…

That last item, the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” rolled off my bundle and onto the floor. Stooping down was not an option, arms laden as they were, so I squatted to pick up the wayward item and then, it occurred to me, how was I to stand back up? Without my arms for balance, the attempt was quickly thwarted, and, half-way up, I lost my balance and down I went. Sprawled across the floor with my prized purchases scattered all around me. Ah,,,, the ugly lesson accomplished!

Being who I am, on my way home from this event, while nursing my bruises, I asked myself, “What was I to learn from this mishap?” Many things came to mind and it also didn’t take long to determine the reason for it. I had been very “out of balance” for a few days, still adjusting from my Ireland trip, and not being grounded was an understatement of my state-of-being. An adjustment was clearly necessary. To bad I didn’t get the lesson the first time. But that is the way of things for us humans.

Relating this story to my friend, he was quickly able to relate and tell of his own lessons missed then “ramped up.” We all have them. But do we realize what is happening? Most often times not. We just brush ourselves off and carry on, not stopping to ask ourselves, “Why?” As Louise L. Hay, a favourite metaphysical author of mine has stated many times, “There are no accidents.”

If we accept the fact that we are here, on this earth plane to grow our souls, then we must accept the fact that Spirit will be giving us lessons each day. Our choice is easy, do we learn from the easy lesson or do we wait for the ugly lesson….



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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