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Sacred Spots…


Sacred spots…do you have one? That place where you can go to commune with nature or with Spirit. One that shuts away the noise of the world and allows you to enter that inner space of peace and serenity.

While in Ireland, I visited commonly accepted spiritual locations and those not broadly known, yet, we don’t need to travel afar to find our spiritual abodes. For some, we connect best to our spirituality in a church, mosque or temple, and for others, a spot in nature. And yet others can simply go within, during meditation.

Once home, I took the opportunity, on a warm and sunny Thanksgiving Sunday, to visit a tree that holds great spiritual energies. “The Spirit Tree”, I call her. An old pine, surrounded in a circle, by her “children,” offshoots of younger tress grown from her cones deposited in years past. She stands atop a hill, by the flowing waters of a branch of the river Thames, within the environs of an estate turned over to the city as a refuge for those seeking nature.

Earlier this year, while communing with her, I experienced orbs radiating the most glorious colors that mark those of the Spirit Realm, colors that I had only previously heard about, and ones that are unmistakably spiritual in clarity and hue. This is a spot near and dear to my heart and one that I visit when my soul needs nourishing.

Like taking the time to mediate, it is helpful to find locations, be they in your home, your neighborhood or elsewhere, to help you centre yourself and to touch base with Spirit in a special way. Some people create altars, housing items of significance to their spiritual journey, while others prefer the simplicity of barrenness. What ever feeds your soul is the appropriate thing to do.

I am not one keen on rituals or dogma, yet I understand the need to have areas, the ways and means, whereby we can concentrate our energies to facilitate and hone our spirituality. If you haven’t already found your sacred spot, I encourage you to seek one out and allow yourself to experience the Grace of Spirit there.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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